Objective of Transactional Analysis

Ego states: According to online training courses, people interact with each other from one of the three psychological positions, or behavioural patterns, known as ego states. Thus ego states are a person’s way of thinking, feeling, and behaving at any time. The ego states are: Parent Ego: The parent ego state incorporates the attitudes and Read more about Objective of Transactional Analysis[…]

Types of Conflicts

Types of Conflicts Latent Conflict: These are conflicts which exist in the organization in the form of potential causative conditions. Any of these conditions may produce conflict in individuals wording in them. It is not seen, but is there present in the latent form. There are innumerable such conditions and circumstances prevailing in our institutions Read more about Types of Conflicts[…]

Linguistic Barriers

Linguistic Barriers Communication refers to the transmission of thoughts, information and commands by employing the sensory channels. it involves sender and the receiver. The message should be ideally conveyed undiminished and without any distortion. However there are some barriers which hinder the smooth flow of communication. Pre-Primary Teachers Training has listed them below: Language/Linguistic barriers: Read more about Linguistic Barriers[…]


Definition: According to Kimball young’s opinion, “We may define suggestion as a form of symbol communicated by words, pictures or some similar medium for including acceptance of the symbol without any self-evident or logical ground for its acceptance.” Montessori Teacher Training has also placed emphasis on the fact that suggestion communicated has no logical or Read more about SUGGESTION[…]

Cognitive Development

Cognitive is knowing. The term cognition is used to mean a kind of knowing that is more definite, more certain, and more lasting than immediate sense perception. Some-times it is used to mean the parts of dimensions of knowing that can be distinguished from emotion. Sometimes it seems to include the entire breadth of mental Read more about Cognitive Development[…]