According to Kimball young’s opinion, “We may define suggestion as a form of symbol communicated by words, pictures or some similar medium for including acceptance of the symbol without any self-evident or logical ground for its acceptance.” Montessori Teacher Training has also placed emphasis on the fact that suggestion communicated has no logical or self-evident basis.

Importance of Suggestion in Education:

  1. Ideo-motor suggestions:

As is evident from the name given to it, there is no discrimination here between thoughts and action, i.e. action takes place almost immediately the thought arises. Hence, in this there is no time to think or to discuss. Generally in suggestions of this kind the mind almost unconsciously accepts and adopts suggestions given to it. The online early childhood education conducted experiments in connection with Ideo-motor suggestions.

  1. Contra suggestions:

It is often seen that people will indulge in the very activity that they have been warned against. This is particularly true of children who will inevitably touch anything that they have been prevented from touching or that they have been ordered to stay away from, or in other words, the order of abstaining from touching the object gives a contra suggestion.

  1. Direct Suggestions:

Some suggestions are of a direct nature i.e. the individual who is a accepting the suggestion is aware that a suggestion is being made to him. Often the teachers use direct suggestions to improve the work of education, and educates also accept them.

  1. Indirect suggestions:

But some suggestions are not quite so apparent and bizarre; and the intention of the person suggesting is concealed. He puts forward his suggestions but he does not indicate his intention in doing it. Suggestions of this kind make a greater impression upon educates.

  1. Positive suggestions:

The suggestions that are made for the implementation of some order or for accepting some statement are said to be positive suggestions.

  1. Negative Suggestions:

The suggestions that are made for rejecting some idea or for abstaining from some particular course of action are said to be positive suggestions.

  1. Auto suggestions:

Much stress has been placed by Indian thinkers upon the importance of auto-suggestion in the development of character that an individual develops depends upon his thinking, and the thoughts that he entertains. Thoughts has the power of suggestions. If you are always engrossed in thinking that you are not intelligent and can never score a good division in the examination, then how can you hope to study properly?

  1. Mass suggestions:

Why is it that the behaviour of the individual undergoes considerable change when he is in a group situation? The reason why the most balanced and same individuals animosity and pugnacity in a crowd is that they fall prey to mass suggestion.

The degree to which suggestions are important in education is evident by the above description of the various kinds of suggestions, teachers acquainted with psychological facts make use of suggestion to have their ideas and notions accepted by the students and to have the later behave according to their wishes. Whether we like it or not we are influenced by the suggestions of other at one time or another.