Factors Affecting Language Learning – Psychological Factors

Level of intelligence: level of intelligence also determines language development. Many studies show that children of superior intelligence talk very early and are advanced in every phase of language development. The superior child has a vocabulary more than the average. He begins to speak at least two months earlier than the average child. He not Read more about Factors Affecting Language Learning – Psychological Factors[…]


There is too much writing by students in our schools without mechanical copying or putting together a few crammed sentences carelessly as composition. Most of these are text-related or exercises from Workbooks. Even after six years of English, students are hardly able to speak or write a few sentences together coherently and correctly. Writing is Read more about Composition[…]

Application of Total Quality Management in Education

School Hostel: Every school does not provide hostel facility to its students. But wherever this facility is available, care should be taken to educate the hostellers to keep their rooms neat and tidy. The hostel warden should be a person of discipline and should pass on this trait to young hostellers. The school authorities should Read more about Application of Total Quality Management in Education[…]

Knowledge of educational psychology for teachers

  Skinner had defined Educational Psychology as that branch of Psychology which dells with teaching & learning”. The above definition itself suggests that Educational. Psychology had close linked with educational process. Nowadays education is being child centered. Child or the student is put at the centre of the whole educational system. Knowledge of educational psychology Read more about Knowledge of educational psychology for teachers[…]

Guidance  – Definition, Elements and Importance

Guidance – Definition, Elements and Importance A child when comes in this world, knows nothing. He learns everything from society. From mother he learns how to stand, from lather how to walk, from friends how to be social and from a teacher the knowledge and education. Thus, he learns everything from the guidance of others. Read more about Guidance  – Definition, Elements and Importance[…]

Taxonomies of Educational Objectives

‘Taxonomy’ is derived from two Greek words – taxis meaning arrangement, and names, meaning law. ‘Taxonomy’ means lawful, or orderly arrangement. According to Webster’s Dictionary, the term ‘taxonomy’, means classification, specially of animals and plants according to their natural relationship. The term ‘taxonomy’ in education is used in the biological sense which means that part Read more about Taxonomies of Educational Objectives[…]

Criteria for Good Learning Experiences

Criteria for Good Learning Experiences Much of the effective learning depends upon careful planning of learning experiences. Planning of learning experiences is related to educational objectives which these experiences aim to achieve. True learning is not merely acquiring certain facts or skills; it is a change in behaviour brought about by training or experience. In Read more about Criteria for Good Learning Experiences[…]

Types of Learning

  It is present in simple forms of animal behavior as also in the complex types of adult human behavior. However, this difference between the simple and the complex is not one of the kind but of degree. Learning by observation is learning by insight. It is learning by perceiving the relationship in the situation. Read more about Types of Learning[…]

Programmed Instruction

Programmed Instruction Definition of Programmed Instruction Teacher Training defined Programmed Instruction as “A process in which the teacher presents a subject matter to a learner so that he responds to it in a way that enables the teacher to determine the next item of information to be presented”. A more comprehensive definition of programmed instruction Read more about Programmed Instruction[…]


TRANSFER OF LEARNING It is a matter of common experience that we are facilitated in the learning of something new by some previous learning. Types of Transfer by Montessori Course are: Positive transfer of learning:  In this type of transfer the effect of training on the new type of learning is suitable or positive and Read more about TRANSFER OF LEARNING[…]