Club for kids

Club for kids : The chub is a comparatively more permanent social group. The members are brought together not by any momentary excitement, but by common sentiments and interests. For example, an interest in science or music may draw several individuals together and they form their own clubs. The members have a common purpose. Each Read more about Club for kids[…]

Interface between Individual and Group Counselling

Interface between Individual and Group Counselling Early Childhood Care and Education has given below several advantages of Group counselling : (a) It is economical in many ways. In group counselling a large number of individuals are helped at the same time by a counsellor. This saves money and time. (b) It helps individuals to socialise Read more about Interface between Individual and Group Counselling[…]


Imagination Teacher Training has already discussed earlier the fundamental processes of sensation and perception through which we acquire the knowledge of the world. Besides these processes, there is another important process namely image formation and imagining. Imagination may be defined conveniently as mental manipulation. This process involves the recall of past experiences in the form Read more about Imagination[…]

Parameters of a system

Parameters of a system Let us take the example of designing a one year B.Ed. programme by applying the Systems Approach to it. I) INPUT A) Formulation of objectives of the B.Ed programme keeping with the goals of NPE in mind. B) Pre assessment of entry behaviour assessing initial performance by suitable tests of the Read more about Parameters of a system[…]

Educational implications in developing critical thinking

Educational implications in developing critical thinking Using thought provoking questions when teaching. Always ask for reasons to support the answer. Critical thinking can be encouraged through experiments. Ask pupils to perform experiments and search for answers to what they observe Assignments should involve critical thinking. Open book assignments, project work help to think critically. In Read more about Educational implications in developing critical thinking[…]

The Process of Counselling

The Process of Counselling The process of counselling requires harmonious relationshipbetween the client and the counsellor. The client counsellor relationship requires the development of rapport between the counsellor and the counselee. According to Arbuckle, “Rapport might be described as the ideal relationship that is developed between the client and the counsellor, a relationship that is Read more about The Process of Counselling[…]

Discipline in a Democratic Society

Discipline in a Democratic Society Narrow and Broader View Regarding Discipline The concept of discipline may be viewed from a narrow and old or, from a modern and broader point of view. From the narrow point of view discipline means subjection to authority, obedience to law and order and bringing the child under control. From Read more about Discipline in a Democratic Society[…]

Why Educational Guidance

Why Educational Guidance There was a time when Indian elementary schools, high schools, and colleges assumed that they had fulfilled all of their educational responsibilities when they had provided instruction for students. It was of secondary consideration whether the students premed or could profit from the instruction given. But the modern school closely attends to Read more about Why Educational Guidance[…]

Theories of Educational Administration

Theories of Educational Administration Several theories of administration have been developed, Educators of Teacher Training has reported eight of them, four general and four educational. These are summarised below: Barnard shows a deep insight into the nature of administration. Space forbids a detailed study of his theory, so we should be content with its more Read more about Theories of Educational Administration[…]

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Need for Information and Communication Technology

In the earlier times education was for acquiring knowledge rather than for employment, but in the post-industrial society it has become a major prerequisite for employment- The technological advancements have created new areas of growth and spawned a host of career options. Computer technology has merged to form the new field called Information and Communication Read more about Need for Information and Communication Technology[…]