Essentials of an Effective Counsellor

Essentials of an Effective Counsellor: A counsellor is a person who provides counsel to a—other person who is   usually in some position of need or requires help. As a verb,   the   word counsel can mean: “to   give guidance” or “to   give   advice”. Most counsellors realize their role is less about giving advice, as advice tends Read more about Essentials of an Effective Counsellor[…]

Types of learning curves

Definition of ‘Learning Curve’ A concept that describes how new skills or knowledge can be quickly acquired initially, but subsequent learning becomes much slower. At first, a minimal investment of resources yields significant results, but the payback from continuing effort is smaller. According to Montessori teacher training the concept of a learning curve is important Read more about Types of learning curves[…]

Concept of Total Quality Management in Education

Concept of Total Quality Management in Education The Oxford dictionary defines the word ‘quality’ as ‘how good something is’ or ‘how well the standard of excellence’ is. According to early childhood education training, education is a behavioural science. It deals with humans and is directed towards producing quality products. This means the products of education Read more about Concept of Total Quality Management in Education[…]

Development of the Self Concept

Development of the Self Concept We are not born with the ability to u stand ourselves. The younger child is not even conscious of himself as an individual; he is merely, a part of the environment. For post youth the development of self understanding is a slow and relatively unconsciousness process involving some degree of Read more about Development of the Self Concept[…]

Knowledge of educational psychology for teachers

Knowledge of educational psychology for teachers Skinner had defined Educational Psychology as that branch of Psychology which dells with teaching & learning”. The above definition itself suggests that Educational. Psychology had close linked with educational process. Nowadays education is being child centered. Child or the student is put at the centre of the whole educational Read more about Knowledge of educational psychology for teachers[…]

   Methods of Teaching Science

Teacher’s main job is to teach. There is not a method or the methods of teaching science which could suit in all situations. All teachers are different. No two children are alike. Teachers differ in personality. Children differ from family to family and from locality to locality – even in respect of their mental and Read more about    Methods of Teaching Science[…]


SOCIAL AIM OF EDUCATION Some educationists have laid greater emphasis upon the social aim of education so that education develop social feeling in the children which will make them contribute their utmost to meet the demands of society after meeting their own needs. These educationists evaluates the society higher than the individual. They believe that Read more about SOCIAL AIM OF EDUCATION[…]