Concept of Mental Health Fostering Mental Health at Home and School

Concept of Mental Health Fostering Mental Health at Home and School Mental health can and should be a lived experience for teachers and pupils. The teacher’s part is greater in mental health education than in physical health education because some of the mental health problems are caused by school situations and others are aggravated by Read more about Concept of Mental Health Fostering Mental Health at Home and School[…]

Causes of Forgetfulness

Forgetting means failure at any time to recall an experience when attempting to do so or to perform an action previously learned. Forgetting is failing to retain or able to recall what has been acquired —James Dreyeunnr. Forgetting not bad as already discussed we come across various kinds of experiences every day. In fact every Read more about Causes of Forgetfulness[…]

Considering underlying the Time-Table Marking

In making the time table there are several things which should be kept in mind. The preparation of the same depends much upon the ingenuity and skill of its maker. The framing of time table is a difficult and time absorbing job. According to Early Childhood Care and Education some of the important factors which Read more about Considering underlying the Time-Table Marking[…]

The Counselee

The Counselee According to Ruth Strange the counselee is the centre of the counselling process. She writes. The person being counselled the counselee is of course, the centre of the counselling process. To him the counsellor is constantly sensitive. Basis to successful counselling in an understanding or the counselee’s concept of himself, his readiness for Read more about The Counselee[…]

Causes of Indiscipline

Causes of Indiscipline The Loss of Leadership by Teachers The teachers are unable to provide effective leadership to the students and in the absence of such leadership the problem of indiscipline is bound to crop up. Failure on the part of teachers to take active part in the struggle for freedom, sweeping criticism of the Read more about Causes of Indiscipline[…]

Team Teaching

The word Team teaching was used at first in 1957-59 in the Educational Index. J. Loyde Trump was the first person who tried this experiment of team teaching 1956 in USA. Team-teaching encourages the use of teachers of particular competency for instructing a large number of students. It is concerned with the most efficient use Read more about Team Teaching[…]

Factors Influencing or Affecting Personality

Personality is dynamic, growing, and different in each person in physical appearance, temperament and motivation. The differences become more pronounced and complex with increasing and maturity due to continuous interaction with the environment and accordingly each one of us develop a personality different from others. Now the question arises; how does personality develop? What causes Read more about Factors Influencing or Affecting Personality[…]

Supplementary Teaching Aids

Meaning In teaching, the teacher has to use some educational material in order to explain his lesson idea and point of view. He gives oral illustrations in order to make his idea clear to the students. If a student can understand it by oral illustrations, it is well and good. If, however, one cannot understand Read more about Supplementary Teaching Aids[…]


In defining social development, Teacher Training Mumbai has written that by social development we mean the improving and increasing ability to get on well with ourselves and others. In this manner social development is the ability or skill by mean of which an individual maintains order and system in his relations with other beings in Read more about SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT[…]


RELIGIOUS EDUCATIONMany ills that human world of education and human society as a whole is suffering today, are mainly due to the gradual disappearance of the hold of the basic principles of religion on the hearts of the people. The only cure according to Teacher Training Mumbai, is in the deliberate inculcation of moral and Read more about RELIGIOUS EDUCATION[…]