Science is doing

     Generally in our schools, science is taught by giving lectures, and sometimes by demonstrating few experiments. Children are not really involved in doing activities by their own hands. According to Teacher Training Institute, teachers should also learn a lesson from the following saying: “I heard and I forget, I saw and I remembered, Read more about Science is doing[…]

Principles for the Organization of the Curriculum

Principles for the Organization of the Curriculum The programme of arranging the topics will be initiated after their selection according to the principles of selection is over. Which topic is to be introduced first and what time? How to develop it, in different classes? The only answer to all such type of questions is arranging Read more about Principles for the Organization of the Curriculum[…]

  Lecture – cum – Demonstration method

Lecture – cum – Demonstration method According to Teacher Training Institute, this is the method generally used by our science teachers. Students cannot learn science either by lecture or by demonstration used in isolation. Even most effective demonstration cannot guarantee learning in science. This may also be true for the lecture-cum-demonstration method. It can be Read more about   Lecture – cum – Demonstration method[…]

Characteristic Relating to Knowledge

  Higher Knowledge of the Subject: A teacher should be master of the subject which he teaches. In other words, he should have a thorough knowledge of the subject which he teaches to his students. If he has thorough knowledge, he can teach his students well. If he has a shallow knowledge, he cannot answer Read more about Characteristic Relating to Knowledge[…]


PLAY Meaning: Early Childhood Education educators and psychologist consider play as essential to the all-round development to the child. It affords a safer release of mental and physical energy. It relieves of mental tension. It facilitates and encourages sensory and perceptual experience. It is a great socialising force. It helps the child in keeping him Read more about PLAY[…]

Essentials of Records and Reports in Preschool       

It is essential to maintain records and reports in a preschool, since preschool serves as a guide to the child’s growth and development. Records and the Reports are to be properly maintained because it will be of great help to plan the programme and guides the children. A best, effective programme should be based on Read more about Essentials of Records and Reports in Preschool       […]