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Flander’s Technique of Interaction

Flander’s Technique of Interaction Creating Confidence: Giving support to those who lack confidence, assuring the timid ones, not rejecting but redirecting an answer. Helping to locate answers, giving chance to elaborate ideas and to relate own experiences, etc. Enhancing Pupils Aspirations: Requiring only that of which a pupil is capable or just a little more Read more about Flander’s Technique of Interaction[…]


Teacher Education Training¬†states that a crowd is the most temporary and unstable social group and has no specific structure or organisation, it is just a collection of people who have been drawn together by a momentary excitement of an instinct like that of curiosity or sympathy. As long as the members are together, they think, Read more about Crowd[…]

Disability Community of Crisis Intervention

Disability Community of Crisis Intervention: Violence may be defined differently for many people with disabilities. An example given by Teacher Training Distance Learning, the withholding of a wheelchair, thus forcing a person to slide along the floor, might be considered an act of violence. Hi that regard, it is important to note that many acts Read more about Disability Community of Crisis Intervention[…]