The All India Council for Secondary Education

All India Council for Secondary Education: This council was established in 1955 for the specific purpose of providing a specialised institution for the development of secondary education in the country. The number of these members was 22 and its chairperson was the Educational Adviser of the government of India. At that time this council was Read more about The All India Council for Secondary Education[…]

Concept of Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology is an umbrella term that includes any communication device like Radio, T.V, Computers and Satellite system as well as the various services and applications associated with them such as video conferencing, distance learning. Meaning – The 4 dimension integration of multiple media interacting, flexibility use and connecting disguise digital Information and Read more about Concept of Information and Communication Technology[…]

Administration and Management

A distinction is drawn in certain fields between these two terms. The phase of business enterprise which concerns itself with the overall determination of the major policies and objectives is, generally, called administration. Management, then, is the executive function that concerns itself with the carrying out of the administrative policy laid down by administrators. In Read more about Administration and Management[…]

A Diagnosis Testing and Remedial Testing

Diagnosis has always been on important & crucial step in the medical or clinical content. Today’s is age of competition. Every child strives for best. But there are individual differences due which failure accuses. Hence for this purpose, diagnosis is a must. Diagnostic Test Atest which is conducted be known the difficulties or problems of Read more about A Diagnosis Testing and Remedial Testing[…]

Tools and Techniques of Evaluation

A tool maybe defined as an instrument or implement that facilitates the work of the d and the eye. It is in some sort of manual work that we need to use certain tool or tools. In a manual operation, the use of a tool marks the performance of the operation easy and better then Read more about Tools and Techniques of Evaluation[…]


Reading is a process of looking at written or printed symbols, instantly translating them into their oral symbols which are further associated with the objects qualities or actions for which they stand. Reading is an important skill in learning of a language especially a foreign language. No doubt that speech is primary but the importance Read more about Reading[…]

National Policy on Education – 1986

The country has reached a stage in its economic and technical development when a major effort must be made to derive the maximum benefit from the asset already created and to ensure that the fruits of change reach all sections. Education is the highway to that goal. With this aim in view, the government of Read more about National Policy on Education – 1986[…]