Sources and Dynamics of Conflicts

Sources and Dynamics of Conflicts Conflicts emanate from a variety of sources. The most important sources are issues dealing with income and remunerations (material gains), power and authority sought, cultural values and beliefs, antagonistic attitudes toward particular persons or groups, control over resources, preferences and nuisances, nature of relationship between the parties. Montessori Teacher Training Read more about Sources and Dynamics of Conflicts[…]

Self Concept

Self Concept The individual’s perception or view of himself is known as his self-concept. The part of the environment in which he is involved in known as his phenomena environment or perceived environment. The self-concept is what the individual think of as his actual self. The phenomenal or perceived self includes the self concept those Read more about Self Concept[…]

Need for Blending Learning

The fast changing technologies have put some special demands on the education sector. The existing education system is successfully meeting the slowly changing need of the society of the earlier times. The education needs emanating from fast changing technologies could not be responded by the conventional educational system. The huge gap in, manpower requirements has Read more about Need for Blending Learning[…]

How to Achieve Self-Discipline

How to Achieve Self-Discipline Following measures are considered to in of great significance in achieving the goal of self-discipline and social discipline. Student Government This is considered to be a very effective way of securing the willing co-operation of the students. The students get opportunities to govern themselves; to make their own rules and to Read more about How to Achieve Self-Discipline[…]

Research of Organization Climate

Research of Organization Climate The account of research on organizational climate is presented into parts, one consisting of studies that have highlighted the importance of the climate as an independent variable influencing the organizational behaviour, or its efficiency, and the other consisting of studies that have shown how the climates of institutions differ from institution Read more about Research of Organization Climate[…]

Education Technology

The word Education Technology is derived from 2 words – Education and Technology. The word education has general meaning of the power of the adaptation or it means “to train”. The term technology, in common language means “the technique or Science of Art “. The word technique is derived from the Greek word ‘Technikos’ — Read more about Education Technology[…]

Importance of Mathematics in a Child’s Life

Importance of Mathematics in a Child’s Life Part of life since ancient times for the study of business, banking and astrology. All important as without its knowledge and application one may be cheated in day-to-day life. Related to all subjects like physical and social sciences, business, banking and astrology. Development in science and technology means Read more about Importance of Mathematics in a Child’s Life[…]

Duties of a Teacher

Duties of a Teacher Ordinarily people think that the only duty of a teacher is to give lessons in the class room. This is not correct, particularly in the modern age. Now-a-days, the main aim of schools and teachers is to develop a child by teaching them the prescribed courses and also by teaching them Read more about Duties of a Teacher[…]