Directive Approach to Counselling

Directive Approach to Counselling As the name itself this approach envisages a more active role for the counsellor. The counsellor employs varying degrees of direction to help the counselee to reach sound solutions. Also through his specialised knowledge and experience inscientific diagnosis and interpretation of data, counselees are helped to reach earlier solutions for their Read more about Directive Approach to Counselling[…]

Role of Theories with Clients

Role of Theories with Clients This counsellor believes that blending Adlerian theory and behavioural theory will be a successful for her clients. An example given by Teacher Courses in Mumbai, a person who has suffered from depression their whole lives can find through Adlerian theory where her depression stems from and the behavioural theory can Read more about Role of Theories with Clients[…]

Limitations of Dramatization

Limitations of Dramatization Lack of Knowledge in the Art of Dramatization – Dramatization requires some technical knowledge. Every teacher does not possess it. This technique should, therefore, be employed only by those who have some knowledge about it, Children have potentiality to act. They can imitate the actions when they see a play. Therefore they Read more about Limitations of Dramatization[…]


A Student plagiarism is an ever-increasing problem for academic institutions. A growing number of students are using material from the Web in their submissions, without properly acknowledging the source. This paper reviews the need for wide spread plagiarism detection systems and evaluates available Web based detection services. Four services are discussed: the Measure of Software Read more about Plagiarism[…]