Nature of Thinking Process

 According to James P. Chaplin and T. C. Krawice Thinking is closely allied to the process of learning in as much as our chief tools of thought — concepts are learned. Moreover, a great deal of our thinking is based on memories, recollections and memory images. Indeed much of what is called thinking is actually Read more about Nature of Thinking Process[…]

Concept of mental health – fostering mental health at home and school

In his book Mental Hygiene in Public Health. P.V. Lewan defines mentally healthy individual is one who is himself satisfied, lives peacefully with his neighbours, makes healthy citizenship role. “Mental health is the adjustment of human beings to the world and to each other with a maximum of effectiveness and happiness. It is the ability Read more about Concept of mental health – fostering mental health at home and school[…]

Nature of forgetting

Inability of an individual to bring to a conscious plane a thing remembered, is forgetting. Forgetting is a natural process. According to Teachers Training, forgetting is a way of saving oneself from unpleasant experiences. There is a relationship between the amount of forgetting and learning and the duration between learning and recalling. Ebhinghous carried out Read more about Nature of forgetting[…]

Various measures which can be taken in schools for the proper of children

1) School environment: Ravindranath had stated that school should be like home. School environment plays an important role in the development of the positive environment. The school environment should be free from caste, creed or religious feeling. It should provide feelings of security to each & every student irrespective of their religion or socio-economic conditions. Read more about Various measures which can be taken in schools for the proper of children[…]

School Discipline

  School discipline is the system of rules, punishment and behavioural strategies appropriate to the regulation of children and the maintenance of order in schools. Its aim is to control the students actions and behaviour The aim of discipline is to set limits restricting certain behaviour or attitudes that are seen as harmful or going Read more about School Discipline[…]

Programme to improve Teachers Mental Health

Mental Health – One of the most important aims of education is to help the individuals in making adjustment with the changing. It is mental hygiene which helps in having integrated & balanced personality & hence assists the individual in making adjustment. Mental Hygiene is a science which deals with the process of attaining mental Read more about Programme to improve Teachers Mental Health[…]

Organizational Climate

Norris Haynes “Organizational Climate is the sum total of a dynamic interaction among the psycho social, academic and physical dimensions of the school environment.” G. Miskel Organisational Climate is the result of inter personal behaviour, attitude, perceptions and values of the individuals who are working in the organization.” Halpin “Climate is to an organization what Read more about Organizational Climate[…]

Display of the Career Information Material

In order to make the career information centre attractive and more useful the career master should also arrange for a proper display of the career material in hand. Posters, charts, leaflets, monographs, newsletters, notifications of jobs and training courses, advertisements of scholarships etc, have got to be displayed if they have to serve their purpose Read more about Display of the Career Information Material[…]


Evaluation or appraisal is an important part of the administrative process. It is based on the assumption that performance can be measured and compared with set standards or values. Evaluation permeates the whole administrative process and is continuous. It fosters the realisation of the aims and objectives of the process. As the administrative process starts, Read more about Evaluating[…]

Educational and Vocational Guidance

Educational guidance is related to vocational guidance, Educational guidance is required for making a selection of vocation in. her later life. According to a Preschool Teacher Training, “Educational guidance is often inflamed by vocational – guidance when tilt individual has planned his or her vocational needs and guidance in the selection of suitable school subjects Read more about Educational and Vocational Guidance[…]