Constructivist Learning

Introduction: Most of us teach our lessons just as planned, without adopting it to fit the needs of our students. When the inevitable confusion and inattention occurs, they tend to focus only on students who fulfil their expectations and try to ignore the students who don’t understand or are not paying attention. But now the Read more about Constructivist Learning[…]

Role of the Professional Counsellor in School Education

Role of the Professional Counsellor in School Education (1) Foundation: Professional school counselling theory and research/evidence-base Philosophy for all students to benefit from the school counselling program. Professional school counsellors act on these philosophies to guide the development, implementation and evaluation of a culturally relevant and comprehensive school counsellors create a mission statement support selling Read more about Role of the Professional Counsellor in School Education[…]

Imagination and Curiosity

Imagination and Curiosity Imagination by Montessori teacher training Imagination consists of picturing objects in their absence. It is a process of forming images. We get a sensation or a perception of an object when the latter is presented to the senses but what we recall when we think of it without its being present to Read more about Imagination and Curiosity[…]

Emotional Development

An emotion may be prescribed as a stirred up state of the organism accompanied by certain physiological changes in the body and an impulses to act. Fear, anxiety, anger, disgust, grief, jealously and excitement and some of the common emotions expressed by human beings. Emotions can be broadly classified into two. One is positive-emotions and Read more about Emotional Development[…]