Interaction in the classroom

Interaction in the classroom In the present day set up of the teaching-learning process the teacher talks, instructs, demonstrates and then the students react in response to her. They listen when the teacher speaks, carry out the instructions given to them, observe things when demonstrated and even draw inferences and conclusions when they are told Read more about Interaction in the classroom[…]

Concept of Systems Approach and Educational Management

Concept of Systems Approach (SA) SA enables us to design complex systems by the use of resources in form of men, money, machine and materials so that the total system may be designed, fitted together, checked and operated to achieve the goal in the most efficient way. SA provides a framework for planning, decision-making, controlling Read more about Concept of Systems Approach and Educational Management[…]

Linguistic Barriers

Linguistic Barriers Communication refers to the transmission of thoughts, information and commands by employing the sensory channels. it involves sender and the receiver. The message should be ideally conveyed undiminished and without any distortion. However there are some barriers which hinder the smooth flow of communication. Pre-Primary Teachers Training has listed them below: Language/Linguistic barriers: Read more about Linguistic Barriers[…]

Guidance related to Education

Guidance services form an integral part of the total educational programme. There was a time “When guidance services in the sense we are using the term would have been regarded as an extension activity in school system”. It would have been considered quite extrinsic to and inappropriate for schools. However, comprehensive and appropriate appraisals by Read more about Guidance related to Education[…]

Nutrition of pre-school children

Nutrition of pre-school children The Pre School children are vulnerable. They are affected readily where the diet is poor in quality and quantity and infection diseases and infestations are wide spread. The rate of growth and development of pre-school children depend to large measures on the adequacy of the diet consumed by them. Frequent attack Read more about Nutrition of pre-school children[…]

Growth and Development

Growth and Development Changes During Growth and Development        The human being is never static. From the moment he is conceived to the time of death, he undergoes, constant changes. At every stage of development, some changes just begin, others at their peaks and some are in the process of decline. Different types of changes Read more about Growth and Development[…]