CHARACTERISTICS OF A SOCIAL GROUP STRUCTURE Pre Primary Teacher Training feels that an organised social group may have a definitive structure. There is a hierarchy of a positions and roles. The more organised the group, the greater is its degree of structure. Hence, the crowd being an unorganised group has no structure, but the family and Read more about CHARACTERISTICS OF A SOCIAL GROUP STRUCTURE[…]

Objectives and Scope of Counselling

Objectives and Scope of Counselling Counselling involves a relationship between a professionally trained, competent counsellor and an individual seeking help. The main objectives as per the educators of NTT Nursery Teacher Training Course of counselling are as follows: Achievement of Positive Mental Health: An individual is said to mental when he is able to relate have Read more about Objectives and Scope of Counselling[…]

Steps or Process of learning

Steps or Process of learning Motivation: All learning is a response to some sort of stimulus. An individual experiences, drive to satisfy a need and hence moves in a particular direction. Learning will depend upon the strength of the motives. An example given by Nursery Teacher Training: A person wants to lean a new language Read more about Steps or Process of learning[…]

Institutional Differences in Organizational Climate

This has been established beyond doubt that institutions differ from one another with respect to their organizational climates. Just as differences are found among individuals with respect to personality qualities differences are found to exist among organisations and institutions with respect to their climates. Studies of organizations and institutions have clearly demonstrated this fact. Hence, Read more about Institutional Differences in Organizational Climate[…]

The Process of Counselling

The Process of Counselling The process of counselling requires harmonious relationshipbetween the client and the counsellor. The client counsellor relationship requires the development of rapport between the counsellor and the counselee. According to Arbuckle, “Rapport might be described as the ideal relationship that is developed between the client and the counsellor, a relationship that is Read more about The Process of Counselling[…]

Inclusive Education

Inclusive education means with to include children with divers’ abilities in the mainstream of the education system. Its goal is to ensure that all children regardless of any individual differences are fully included in every aspects of life including education. The strategies required to include children with various learning disabilities & physical impairments into the Read more about Inclusive Education[…]

How to Achieve Self-Discipline

How to Achieve Self-Discipline Following measures are considered to in of great significance in achieving the goal of self-discipline and social discipline. Student Government This is considered to be a very effective way of securing the willing co-operation of the students. The students get opportunities to govern themselves; to make their own rules and to Read more about How to Achieve Self-Discipline[…]

Total Quality Management – Basic Elements

Total Quality Management – Basic Elements Early Childhood Education has enlisted 10 (ten) essential elements of Total Quality Management education. Each of these elements, given in the following paras, is very important for fully realizing the potential of Total Quality Management in education. Awareness and Commitment for Everyone: The various talents of a student will Read more about Total Quality Management – Basic Elements[…]

Importance of Supervision

Inspection and supervision is no longer considered to be fault finding and criticizing. In reality, it is for improvement in teaching learning process and situation. It is providing leadership in the field of education. Its main aim is to provide democratic leadership to teachers to put them on right lines and to set before them Read more about Importance of Supervision[…]

Personal Guidance at Different Stages of Study

  Personal Guidance at the pre-primary Stage–At the pre-primary stage personal guidance is provided for developing simple habits of health. In other words, a child in-a pre-primary school should be able to look after this simple physical needs. As regards his adjustment the child at the primary stage should be helped in achieving emotional control Read more about Personal Guidance at Different Stages of Study[…]