Practical Suggestions for assigning Home Task

Practical Suggestions for assigning Home Task According to Online Teacher Training the framing of the time-table is perhaps the most difficult and vexed job of school administration because it depends upon a number of factors, conditions or principles. We have to keep in mind the type of the school, the aims and objectives of the Read more about Practical Suggestions for assigning Home Task[…]

Management of Things and Human Relations

Management of Things and Human Relations Prof. S. N. Mukerji thinks that “Education administration it concerned with the management of things as well as with human relationships, i.e., the better working together of people. In fact, it is more concerned with human beings and less with inanimate things. ‘It is, therefore, primarily a social enterprise.” Read more about Management of Things and Human Relations[…]

Tools and Techniques of Evaluation

 A good evaluation programme depends upon the appropriate and accurate evidence that we get about pupil’s growth. This is possible through the use of various types of quality instruments of evaluation. There are a number of tools and techniques which can be employed for evaluation. An evaluation tool is an implement or an instrument or Read more about Tools and Techniques of Evaluation[…]


  According to ECCE, in school the teacher should keep the following factors vividly in mind if he is to preserve mental health, prevent mental disturbance and promote mental health, among his students. Discipline: Discipline in the school has the important influence upon the mental health of students. But this discipline should never be very Read more about MENTAL HEALTH IN SCHOOL[…]

Social Organization

Social Organization Social Organization is the organization of society. Society is a web of social relationships. In this way, Social organization is a system of social relationships. They are composed into numerous small groups. In these, groups are individuals. The mutual relationship between individuals are controlled and regulated by institutions and associations. So, In this Read more about Social Organization[…]