Nursery Teachers Training

Nursery Teachers Training

Nursery Teachers Training Nursery Teachers Training has categorized duties and also function of teacher. They are as follows: Planning:  Before proceeding with actual teaching work and class management, a teacher should plan thoroughly the following items: (i) He should plan the curriculum as a whole, the syllabus in the subjects, he teaches, divides the syllabus Read more about Nursery Teachers Training[…]

Organisational Culture and its Dimension

Organisational Culture and its Dimension Introduction: The organisational culture is an organisations’ personality. The culture of an organization distinguishes it from others and shapes the actions of its members. “Culture is the soul of the organization, the belief and values and how they are manifested. I think of the structure as the skeleton and as Read more about Organisational Culture and its Dimension[…]

Implications of learning curve

Knowledge of a learning curve is useful to both the learner as well as the teacher. Maximum learning can be ensured during the period of rapid progress. In case a learner shows an unduly long period of slow progress, it may be possible that he is a disadvantaged learner. Appropriate remedial action may be employed. Read more about Implications of learning curve[…]

Personal Guidance

PERSONAL GUIDANCE An important part of guidance is personal guidance, and it constituents the personal and individual advice offered by a guide to an individual for the solution of latter’s personal problems. This helps the person to adjust to circumstances in his life. As a general rule problems are part and parcel of human life. Read more about Personal Guidance[…]