Nursery Teachers Training

Nursery Teachers Training

Nursery Teachers Training Nursery Teachers Training has categorized duties and also function of teacher. They are as follows: Planning:  Before proceeding with actual teaching work and class management, a teacher should plan thoroughly the following items: (i) He should plan the curriculum as a whole, the syllabus in the subjects, he teaches, divides the syllabus Read more about Nursery Teachers Training[…]

Meaning and Nature of Conflicts

Meaning and Nature of Conflicts Conflict has been defined as “divergent and incompatible” views of interacting parties. According to Early Childhood Education Course, “Conflict is the pursuit of in-compatible or at least seemingly incompatible goals, such that gains to one side come out at the expense of the other.” It has been, thus, considered a Read more about Meaning and Nature of Conflicts[…]


Attention is a selective act of mind. To attend to a thing is to concentrate on it by removing attention. From other things. The mind can attend to one thing at a time. Hence, mind has to select. In the selection, it is natural that the mind should select such objects in which it is Read more about INTEREST AND ATTENTION[…]