Nursery Teachers Training

Nursery Teachers Training

Nursery Teachers Training Nursery Teachers Training has categorized duties and also function of teacher. They are as follows: Planning:  Before proceeding with actual teaching work and class management, a teacher should plan thoroughly the following items: (i) He should plan the curriculum as a whole, the syllabus in the subjects, he teaches, divides the syllabus Read more about Nursery Teachers Training[…]

Meaning and Nature of Conflicts

Conflict has been defined as “divergent and incompatible” views of interacting parties. According to Early Childhood Education Course, “Conflict is the pursuit of in-compatible or at least seemingly incompatible goals, such that gains to one side come out at the expense of the other.” It has been, thus, considered a win-lose situation in which the Read more about Meaning and Nature of Conflicts[…]


Attention is a selective act of mind. To attend to a thing is to concentrate on it by removing attention. From other things. The mind can attend to one thing at a time. Hence, mind has to select. In the selection, it is natural that the mind should select such objects in which it is Read more about INTEREST AND ATTENTION[…]