Mathematics Correlation with Other Subjects

Mathematics Correlation with Other Subjects Mathematics and English: According to Montessori Training One of the platitudes of educational theory is that “Every teacher is a teacher of English”; but the emotive and appreciative aspects of English are sometimes overlooked by the teacher of Mathematics who assumes that he is assisting the whole duty of the Read more about Mathematics Correlation with Other Subjects[…]

Nature of Thinking Process

 Nature of Thinking Process According to James P. Chaplin and T. C. Krawice Thinking is closely allied to the process of learning in as much as our chief tools of thought — concepts are learned. Moreover, a great deal of our thinking is based on memories, recollections and memory images. Indeed much of what is Read more about Nature of Thinking Process[…]

Classroom dynamics

After discussing the classroom as a group, structure of a group and interaction in the classroom, we are now in a position to understand the term classroom dynamics. The word dynamics is borrowed from natural sciences. It is a branch of physics dealing with matter in motion. In terms of classroom interaction it can be Read more about Classroom dynamics[…]

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Basic Skills and Personal Attributes to be Effective Counsellor

Basic Skills and Personal Attributes to be Effective Counsellor (1) Personal Attributes: Ask any counsellor about her choice of career and she will most likely say she wants to help people. Many student counsellors already possess a number of qualities needed to be effective, including a genuine warmth toward others, patience, understanding and tact. The Read more about Basic Skills and Personal Attributes to be Effective Counsellor[…]

Role of Guidance Counsellor

Role of Guidance Counsellor The meaning of counselling in the professional sense differs from the popular understanding of the term. For this purpose we shall analyse the various definitions of counselling. It will help us clarify the concept Rogers (1952) describes counselling as “The process by which the structure of the self is relaxed in Read more about Role of Guidance Counsellor[…]

Steps or Process of learning

Steps or Process of learning Motivation: All learning is a response to some sort of stimulus. An individual experiences, drive to satisfy a need and hence moves in a particular direction. Learning will depend upon the strength of the motives. An example given by Nursery Teacher Training: A person wants to lean a new language Read more about Steps or Process of learning[…]

General Considerations Underlying Time-Table Construction

General Considerations Underlying Time-Table Construction Type of School: The type of school i.e. a boy’s school –Or girl’s school, urban or rural, infant school or school for girls, public or ordinary, will determine the nature of activities of the school and accordingly time-table will be framed. The double shift will call for shortening the duration Read more about General Considerations Underlying Time-Table Construction[…]

The Counselee

The Counselee According to Ruth Strange the counselee is the centre of the counselling process. She writes. The person being counselled the counselee is of course, the centre of the counselling process. To him the counsellor is constantly sensitive. Basis to successful counselling in an understanding or the counselee’s concept of himself, his readiness for Read more about The Counselee[…]

Inclusive Education

Inclusive education means with to include children with divers’ abilities in the mainstream of the education system. Its goal is to ensure that all children regardless of any individual differences are fully included in every aspects of life including education. The strategies required to include children with various learning disabilities & physical impairments into the Read more about Inclusive Education[…]

Qualities of Extrovert & Ambivert

Qualities of Extrovert & Ambivert Qualities of extrovert: – Extroverts are people who are very social, adventurous, o-operative & bold. They are free from worries & have fluency in speech. Following are the qualities of extrovert that has been explained by Montessori Teacher Training. 1) Strong desire for activity:- The extroverts are always eager to Read more about Qualities of Extrovert & Ambivert[…]