Essentials of an Effective Counsellor

Essentials of an Effective Counsellor: A counsellor is a person who provides counsel to a—other person who is   usually in some position of need or requires help. As a verb,   the   word counsel can mean: “to   give guidance” or “to   give   advice”. Most counsellors realize their role is less about giving advice, as advice tends Read more about Essentials of an Effective Counsellor[…]

Types of Standardised Techniques Tests

Types of Standardised Techniques Tests According to Early Childhood Diploma there are four types of standardised test. These include achievement interest, aptitude and personality testing. Aptitude Tests: Aptitude test measures the potential of one to achieve in a given activity or to learn to achieve in that activity. Aptitude test may be potentially used by Read more about Types of Standardised Techniques Tests[…]

Concept of Personality & Self Concept

The modern aim of education is the wholesome, balanced or harmonious development of personality. Thus personality is the apex & curse of psychology & education. AU knowledge of psychology &education is ultimately related to understanding or development of personality. Meaning by Early Childhood Courses– The word “personality” has been derived from the Latin word 15ersonae’ Read more about Concept of Personality & Self Concept[…]

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Role of Headmaster in Academic Supervision

Role of Headmaster in Academic Supervision Model Teaching The headmaster is the head of teachers. He should be the teacher first and then everything else. He should take some classes give guidance to teachers and see that teaching work and standard in the school is not impaired in any way. He should command respect and Read more about Role of Headmaster in Academic Supervision[…]

Need for Guidance

Need for Guidance “Guidance is a process of interpersonal relationship, designed to influence the attitude and behaviour of the person.” Guidance is the interpersonal relationships, which play its role in determining the degree of success the individual will achieve in the society. Through guidance, the individual can be helped to develop desirable attitudes and behavioural Read more about Need for Guidance[…]