CHARACTERISTICS OF A SOCIAL GROUP STRUCTURE Pre Primary Teacher Training feels that an organised social group may have a definitive structure. There is a hierarchy of a positions and roles. The more organised the group, the greater is its degree of structure. Hence, the crowd being an unorganised group has no structure, but the family and Read more about CHARACTERISTICS OF A SOCIAL GROUP STRUCTURE[…]

Characteristics of Social Disorganization

The main characteristics according to Montessori training online of social disorganization are as follows:- Conflict of mores and of institutions:- In every society there are some mores and institutions on the basis of which the life of the members proceeds smoothly and in organized manner. With the passage of time these mores and institutions become Read more about Characteristics of Social Disorganization[…]


Personality We use the word ‘personality’ in a very routine manner in our everyday lives. To most people, personality refers to the external appearance of a person. Based on the external appearance we describe a person has having a ‘good’ personality or a ‘bad’ personality. A good personality is usually one who is good looking, Read more about Personality[…]