Types of learning curves

Definition of ‘Learning Curve’ A concept that describes how new skills or knowledge can be quickly acquired initially, but subsequent learning becomes much slower. At first, a minimal investment of resources yields significant results, but the payback from continuing effort is smaller. According to Montessori teacher training the concept of a learning curve is important Read more about Types of learning curves[…]

The Scope of Institutional Planning

The Scope of Institutional Planning Early Childhood Education Program has spilt out the scope of institutional planning, as follows: (1) Improving the School Plant (a) Provision of more amenities to pupils—drinking water, sanitary facilities, transport, mid-day meals, uniforms, medical aid, book banks, etc. (b) More and better equipment in the schools-library, reading rooms, laboratory, teaching Read more about The Scope of Institutional Planning[…]

The Process of Counselling

The Process of Counselling The process of counselling requires harmonious relationshipbetween the client and the counsellor. The client counsellor relationship requires the development of rapport between the counsellor and the counselee. According to Arbuckle, “Rapport might be described as the ideal relationship that is developed between the client and the counsellor, a relationship that is Read more about The Process of Counselling[…]

Sources and Dynamics of Conflicts

Sources and Dynamics of Conflicts Conflicts emanate from a variety of sources. The most important sources are issues dealing with income and remunerations (material gains), power and authority sought, cultural values and beliefs, antagonistic attitudes toward particular persons or groups, control over resources, preferences and nuisances, nature of relationship between the parties. Montessori Teacher Training Read more about Sources and Dynamics of Conflicts[…]

Aim and Scope of Guidance Services

Guidance services have a much wider scope and function than merely that of assisting students in making educational and vocational choices. The aims of guidance are both adjustive and developmental; it helps the student in making the best possible adjustment to the situations in the educational institution and in the home and at the same Read more about Aim and Scope of Guidance Services[…]

Nature and Purpose of Vocational Guidance

Vocational guidance is a kind of guidance that is concerned with the vocational needs and problems of the individuals. Vocational guidance is defined as the process of helping pupil to get adequate information regarding the world of work around him, make a proper choice for his future vocation, get adequate training or preparation for it, Read more about Nature and Purpose of Vocational Guidance[…]

Features and Characteristics of Personality

Features and Characteristics of Personality Various researches & observations conducted by Montessori Teacher Training have led to the identification of the following characteristics of personality. 1) Personality is something unique and specific. Every one of us is unique person and different from one another. 2) Personality is dynamic and moving force. It is never fixed Read more about Features and Characteristics of Personality[…]

Qualities of a good mathematics textbook

Textbook is a very useful device helpful in teaching / learning process. Textbook is all economical device as it contains the intellectual deposit of specific experiences that have been developed into generalizations. A good text book is the precious life, blood of a master spirit. Mathematics textbook is an instructional asset that has a valuable Read more about Qualities of a good mathematics textbook[…]

Meaning and Branches of Mathematics

Meaning and Branches of Mathematics The term may be defined number of ways. It is an exact science which is related to measurements, calculations, discovering relationships and dealing with the problems of space. According to new dictionary, “Mathematics in a strict sense is the abstract science which investigates deductively the conclusions implicit in the elementary Read more about Meaning and Branches of Mathematics[…]


Definition: According to Kimball young’s opinion, “We may define suggestion as a form of symbol communicated by words, pictures or some similar medium for including acceptance of the symbol without any self-evident or logical ground for its acceptance.” Montessori Teacher Training has also placed emphasis on the fact that suggestion communicated has no logical or Read more about SUGGESTION[…]