The Concept and Factors of Learning

Meaning, Definitions & Characteristics Meaning of Learning: Learning, in psychology, is the process by which a relatively lasting change in potential behaviour occurs as a result of practice or experience. Learning is distinguished from behavioural changes arising from such processes as maturation and illness, but does apply to motor skills, such as driving a car, Read more about The Concept and Factors of Learning[…]

National Integration

National Integration It denotes a body of people who have a feeling of oneness, built on the basis of common history, society, culture and values. This feeling of oneness binds the people together into a nation is known as national integration. According to Montessori Courses national integration is the awareness of a common identity amongst Read more about National Integration[…]

Counselling – Its Definition and Elements

Counselling – Its Definition and Elements Counselling is the most important part of the guidance programme. It is an art by which the knowledge of the hidden desires of the individual is achieved. Thus counselling is basically a fore relationship between the counsellor and the counselee. Counsellor is able to know the innate desire of Read more about Counselling – Its Definition and Elements[…]

Importance of Mental Health

Importance of Mental Health Mental health is a term use to describe either a level of cognitive or emotional well being or an absence of a mental disorder. From perspectives of the discipline of positive psychology or holism mental health may include an individual’s ability to enjoy life and procure a balance between life activities Read more about Importance of Mental Health[…]


Maladjustment The person who is not able to adjust with the situation, and if he is not able to handle his negative feeling like anxiety, depression, stress, tension then the those person can come close to the stage of maladjustment. 1) Introvert child: The child being extremely introvert not mixing with his classmates or nor Read more about Maladjustment[…]

Support Media in Information and Communication Technology

Support Media in Information and Communication Technology Direct Purposeful Experience: The basis of the one represents direct reality itself as we experience it at first hand. It is the purposeful experience in the sense, that it is seen, handled, touched, tasted, felt, smelled. It is going-to the bank, preparing meals, taking a walk making a Read more about Support Media in Information and Communication Technology[…]

A Diagnosis Testing and Remedial Testing

Diagnosis has always been on important & crucial step in the medical or clinical content. Today’s is age of competition. Every child strives for best. But there are individual differences due which failure accuses. Hence for this purpose, diagnosis is a must. Diagnostic Test Atest which is conducted be known the difficulties or problems of Read more about A Diagnosis Testing and Remedial Testing[…]

Montessori Schools

Montessori Schools are called houses of children. These schools provide family atmosphere. The children in such schools feel that they are reading in their own houses. The children are given complete freedom in such schools. There are many rooms in schools. There is one big room and several small rooms. The big room is used Read more about Montessori Schools[…]

Devices of Teaching

  Device of teaching present the subject matter to the students. Device of teaching is the way in which the subject matter is presented or taught to the students. Following are the various devices of teaching as suggested by Montessori Courses: Description: It seeks to portray inn words a person, object, thing or even, the Read more about Devices of Teaching[…]

Stages of a Disease

Stages of a Disease According to Preschool Teacher Training there are three distinct stages in every disease caused by germs: The incubation stage; The acute age or that of disease Incubation: The germs causing disease enter the body in one of the many ways: they may be breathed in, swallowed in along with food or Read more about Stages of a Disease[…]