Multi-Sensory Instruction

Senses are said to be the gateway of knowledge. In accordance with these well-known maxims of teaching and learning, it is always better to employ as many senses as possible in the process of instruction for the best possible outcomes. Moreover, the experiments and researches in the field of teaching-learning has established that teaching-learning process Read more about Multi-Sensory Instruction[…]

Guidance related to Education

Guidance services form an integral part of the total educational programme. There was a time “When guidance services in the sense we are using the term would have been regarded as an extension activity in school system”. It would have been considered quite extrinsic to and inappropriate for schools. However, comprehensive and appropriate appraisals by Read more about Guidance related to Education[…]

Factors Affecting Language Learning – Physical Factors

Physical health: Prolonged illness during the early years of life can retard language development. Hut-lock shows the negative influence of poor physical health on the development of language. According to Montessori Course, the deaf children learn to speak very late and their pronunciation is mostly incorrect. As they cannot learn by imitation, their vocabulary in Read more about Factors Affecting Language Learning – Physical Factors[…]


TRANSFER OF LEARNING It is a matter of common experience that we are facilitated in the learning of something new by some previous learning. Types of Transfer by Montessori Course are: Positive transfer of learning:  In this type of transfer the effect of training on the new type of learning is suitable or positive and Read more about TRANSFER OF LEARNING[…]

Emotionally Disturbed Children

Some children in the classroom are mischievous. They are hyperactive or hypoactive. They have temper tantrums and display unruly behaviour and self injurious behaviours quite often. These children pose problems for the classroom teacher. Emotionally Disturbed Children The term Emotional Disturbance has different meanings. For teachers, an emotionally disturbed child is one who is shy, Read more about Emotionally Disturbed Children[…]

Concept Formation

Concept Formation: The early childhood is the period when the child is very curious to know the existence and functioning of the various objects around him. He is fascinated by the rising and setting sun the twinkling stars, the appearance of the moon in the sky and sometimes the floating clouds in the sky catch Read more about Concept Formation[…]