Role of Teacher in Counselling

Teacher’s support and participation is crucial to any programme that involves students, and the school guidance programme is of exception. The teacher’s role in school guidance programme is as follows the first line of contact between the student and guidance programme. Identification of problem of talented and gifted students. Setting up and maintenance of Career Read more about Role of Teacher in Counselling[…]


Imagination Teacher Training has already discussed earlier the fundamental processes of sensation and perception through which we acquire the knowledge of the world. Besides these processes, there is another important process namely image formation and imagining. Imagination may be defined conveniently as mental manipulation. This process involves the recall of past experiences in the form Read more about Imagination[…]

Anecdotal Record

Anecdotal Record An anecdotal record is the result of observation the use behaviour of the student in a particular situation. It understands of student because the teacher may forget down to observe? What to observe? A pre-Performa is supplied to each teacher to note down student observation. It contains date, place, incident and remarks on Read more about Anecdotal Record[…]

Various measures which can be taken in schools for the proper of children

Various measures which can be taken in schools for the proper of children 1) School environment: Ravindranath had stated that school should be like home. School environment plays an important role in the development of the positive environment. The school environment should be free from caste, creed or religious feeling. It should provide feelings of Read more about Various measures which can be taken in schools for the proper of children[…]

Organizational Climate and Other Variables

A number of researches have been conducted by early childhood care and education to find out how organizational climate is related to other variables, factors and conditions such as leadership, institutional ideologies, and student and teacher characteristics. Farinola in a study found significant relationship between belief systems (open-mindedness) of the chief negotiators for teachers and Read more about Organizational Climate and Other Variables[…]

 Characteristics of a democratic Organizational Climate

Norris Haynes “Organizational Climate is the sum total of a dynamic interaction among the psycho social, academic and physical dimensions of the school environment.” 1) Principle of Democratic Leadership – if the principal harness the power and talent of teachers and students to the maximum the community also takes an interest in the institution. 2) Read more about  Characteristics of a democratic Organizational Climate[…]

Orientations of Conflicts

Orientations of Conflicts Neglect or Avoid: This is one orientation or approach which means refuse or ignores the conflict. This is the approach which is recommended to be used in a situation in which it is not likely that the conflict can be resolved. Tilts technique is appropriate when the situation and possible outcomes lack Read more about Orientations of Conflicts[…]

Educational Implications

Medical Case:A teacher can provide primary health centre or take them to Hospital for an eye check up. Special Class: Special class should be introduced for the education of such children,. Special facilities like — good transportation facilities, Hostel & boarding facilities as well- as special educational facilities should be provided to them. Introducing Co-curricular Read more about Educational Implications[…]

Collaboration & Consultation

Collaboration is essentially a process whereby participating teachers develop shared meanings and a shared agenda. Then in a co-operative way set out to implement that agenda. R is possible only through positive interpersonal relations, positive interactions, consultations & communication. There are 2 types of collaboration — 1) Direct 2) Indirect i) Direct collaboration:- According to Read more about Collaboration & Consultation[…]

Types of Communication

Types of Communication Verbal Communication: Language is an important vehicle of communication. We send message through the language. Words in them are nothing but symbols. They carry with them certain meanings and these meanings are important for the communicators. Words are supposed to carry with them direct and explicit meaning. Verbal Communication – However it Read more about Types of Communication[…]