Supplementary Teaching Aids

Meaning In teaching, the teacher has to use some educational material in order to explain his lesson idea and point of view. He gives oral illustrations in order to make his idea clear to the students. If a student can understand it by oral illustrations, it is well and good. If, however, one cannot understand Read more about Supplementary Teaching Aids[…]


  According to ECCE, in school the teacher should keep the following factors vividly in mind if he is to preserve mental health, prevent mental disturbance and promote mental health, among his students. Discipline: Discipline in the school has the important influence upon the mental health of students. But this discipline should never be very Read more about MENTAL HEALTH IN SCHOOL[…]


KINDERGARTEN Meaning: Kindergarten is a German word which implies a children’s garden. Frobel conceived the school as a garden, the teacher as the gardener and the students as tender plants. Like the gardener the teacher as the gardener and the students as tender plants. Like the gardener the teacher is to look after the little Read more about KINDERGARTEN[…]

Growing Interest In Pre-Primary Education

Many factors have contributed to the growing interest in pre-primary teacher training education. Some of the important factors are: An increase in overall government commitment to serve disadvantaged areas and eradicate poverty. An increased government role in formulating policies which stimulate the growth of Early Care and Childhood Education (ECCE) Successful attempts by governments and Read more about Growing Interest In Pre-Primary Education[…]


Education is important from various points of view. Its field of activity is so wide that all activities and experiences are embraced in its sphere of work. Essentially, it is a process of development, development of the latent inherent capacities of a child to the fullest extent. It sublimates the animal basic instincts in a Read more about IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATION[…]


IMPORTANCE OF HOME-WORK Bray said that, “Under normal conditions, a reasonable day’s work for a child has been done at the close of the afternoon session and home-work, as it is generally organised, does more harm than good as a rule in this country, except, perhaps from the point of view of examination success,” and Read more about IMPORTANCE OF HOME-WORK[…]

General And Important Aims Of Education

  According to the Teacher Training Institutes, different philosophers and educationists have formulated various aims of education in accordance with the changing conditions in different countries at different times. In other words, as was the need and situation, so was the education organised to meet those needs. This change in the aims of education is Read more about General And Important Aims Of Education[…]

Factors of Social Change in Society

Social changes are the change in the society. Society is a web of social relationships.  Hence social change is a change in social relationships. According to ECCE and page “It is the change in these which alone we shall regard as social change.” Social relationships include social processes and social interactions. These include the mutual Read more about Factors of Social Change in Society[…]

   Suggestions to Improve Mental Health of Teachers

              Equitable work load: There is an urgent need in the reduction of work load. Not more than 33-36 periods per week should be given to a teacher to teach. Besides other duties should be equitably distributed among all the members of the staff. Security services: Not only should Read more about    Suggestions to Improve Mental Health of Teachers[…]

Development of Manual Skill

                         Manual skill means proficiency in different type of activities which require the use of hand. The child holds a thing, turns it over, puts it here and there and throws it away. He requires manual skill in eating, putting on clothes, writing, playing, swimming, Read more about Development of Manual Skill[…]