LESSON PLAN Meaning: According to Early Childhood Education,  “Lesson plan is the title given to a statement of the achievements to be realised and specific means by which these are to be attained as a result of the activities engaged in the during the period.” The lesson plan is that small units or units of Read more about LESSON PLAN[…]

Tagore and Early Childhood Education

Tagore’s idea about the early childhood education may be traced in his plays such as Kabuliwallah, and Home Coming where Mini and Phatak respectively play the role of growing role, as well as in the Child’s return. Tagore wanted the children to grow up into a free and open world. He was convinced that in Read more about Tagore and Early Childhood Education[…]

Historical Retrospect

Historical Retrospect In Indian context Early Childhood Education is a development of Ramamurti Communittee Report- 1990 while in many countries of the world the early education exits in variety of manner and to a varying extent as seen in the works of Rousseau, Froebel, Jean Piaget, Pestalozzi, Maria Montessori, and others, who were the torch Read more about Historical Retrospect[…]

Emotionally Disturbed Children

Some children in the classroom are mischievous. They are hyperactive or hypoactive. They have temper tantrums and display unruly behaviour and self injurious behaviours quite often. These children pose problems for the classroom teacher. Emotionally Disturbed Children The term Emotional Disturbance has different meanings. For teachers, an emotionally disturbed child is one who is shy, Read more about Emotionally Disturbed Children[…]

Anger in Kids

Anger and fear in certain respects, are rather closely related. In the first place they are both ‘emergency’ responses of the unpleasant variety and consequently involve very similar patterns of change in physiological, processes, changes designed to prepare the organism for immediate, strenuous, overt activity. Sometimes both these emotions are aroused simultaneously and by the Read more about Anger in Kids[…]