Total Quality Management – Basic Elements

Total Quality Management – Basic Elements Early Childhood Education has enlisted 10 (ten) essential elements of Total Quality Management education. Each of these elements, given in the following paras, is very important for fully realizing the potential of Total Quality Management in education. Awareness and Commitment for Everyone: The various talents of a student will Read more about Total Quality Management – Basic Elements[…]

Radio Broadcasting

Radio Broadcasting Though originally derived for entertainment purpose, radio is now being widely utilized for education. R.J. Raymond’s writes ‘Radio is the most significant medium for education in its broadest sense that has been introduced since the turn of the century. As a supplement to classroom teaching its possibilities are almost unlimited’. By utilizing the Read more about Radio Broadcasting[…]

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Need for Information and Communication Technology

In the earlier times education was for acquiring knowledge rather than for employment, but in the post-industrial society it has become a major prerequisite for employment- The technological advancements have created new areas of growth and spawned a host of career options. Computer technology has merged to form the new field called Information and Communication Read more about Need for Information and Communication Technology[…]

Areas of Educational Administration

Legal Structure refers to the laws that have to be passed and rules and regulations that have to be framed in order to determine the agencies of education, their types, powers and standards of educational institutions to be run by them, to prescribe authority and control, to fix up responsibility and obligations, to decide the Read more about Areas of Educational Administration[…]

Depression and Suicide

Depression and Suicide Depression is a mood disorder that causes a child or teen to feel sad or irritable for long period of time. A young person who is depressed way may not enjoy school, play or friends & may have low energy & (other symptoms.) As with an adultthe symptoms of depression range from Read more about Depression and Suicide[…]


  “All living is learning.” Compare the simple, crude behavior of a child with the complex modes of adult behavior, skills, habits, thoughts, sentiments, etc, one would know the difference learning has made to the individual. The individual is an active and constant relation with environment, both influencing each other. The modifications of behavior which Read more about Learning[…]

Kindergarten Method

Kindergarten Method Meaning of Kindergarten Method: Kindergarten is a German word. “Kindergarten” is made up of two words i.e. 1) Kinder, and 2) Garten. Kinder means child and Garten means garden. So, kindergarten means the garden of children. School is said to be a garden and the children are supposed to be the plants of Read more about Kindergarten Method[…]

Duties of a Teacher

Duties of a Teacher Ordinarily people think that the only duty of a teacher is to give lessons in the class room. This is not correct, particularly in the modern age. Now-a-days, the main aim of schools and teachers is to develop a child by teaching them the prescribed courses and also by teaching them Read more about Duties of a Teacher[…]

Characteristic Relating to Knowledge

  Higher Knowledge of the Subject: A teacher should be master of the subject which he teaches. In other words, he should have a thorough knowledge of the subject which he teaches to his students. If he has thorough knowledge, he can teach his students well. If he has a shallow knowledge, he cannot answer Read more about Characteristic Relating to Knowledge[…]


PLAY Meaning: Early Childhood Education educators and psychologist consider play as essential to the all-round development to the child. It affords a safer release of mental and physical energy. It relieves of mental tension. It facilitates and encourages sensory and perceptual experience. It is a great socialising force. It helps the child in keeping him Read more about PLAY[…]