How is Self-Confidence Initially Developed

How is Self-Confidence Initially Developed Many factors affect the development of self-confidence. Parents’ attitudes are crucial to children’s feelings about themselves, particularly in children’s early years. When parents provide acceptance, children receive a solid foundation for good feelings about themselves, if one or both parents are excessively critical or demanding, or if they are overprotective Read more about How is Self-Confidence Initially Developed[…]

Concept of Total Quality Management in Education

Concept of Total Quality Management in Education The Oxford dictionary defines the word ‘quality’ as ‘how good something is’ or ‘how well the standard of excellence’ is. According to early childhood education training, education is a behavioural science. It deals with humans and is directed towards producing quality products. This means the products of education Read more about Concept of Total Quality Management in Education[…]

Types of Counselling

Clinical Counselling – “The well-known educationist H. B. Pepinsky uses the term, clinical counselling. According to him, clinical is: “(a) the on agnosis and treatment of mirror (non-embedded, non-incorporating), functional [non-organic] maladjustments and (b) a relationship primarily individual and face to face, between counsellor and client.” In the above definition of clinical counselling, it has Read more about Types of Counselling[…]

Importance of Mental Health

Importance of Mental Health Mental health is a term use to describe either a level of cognitive or emotional well being or an absence of a mental disorder. From perspectives of the discipline of positive psychology or holism mental health may include an individual’s ability to enjoy life and procure a balance between life activities Read more about Importance of Mental Health[…]

Operation of an Overhead Projector

Overhead projector is a device that can project a chart, a diagram, a map, a table or for that matter, anything written on transparent plates, upon a screen or the white wall before students in a class. This makes teaching illuminative, illustrative and impressive. It also saves a great deal of the teacher time used Read more about Operation of an Overhead Projector[…]

Institutional Evaluation

Institutional Evaluation According to Montessori Teacher Courses, institutional evaluation is directly concerned with studying and improving h the conditions that surround the learning and growth of pupils and teachers. Therefore, the headmaster should plan for proper internal institutional evaluation techniques to maintain proper standards and assess the impact of teaching strategies programmes planned and designed Read more about Institutional Evaluation[…]

Aims and Functions of Educational Administration

Aims and Functions of Educational Administration Educational Management is a multi-faced activity. It is a social process that is designed to ensure co-operation participation, intervention and involvement of others in the effective achievement of given or determined objectives. Management, being a social process, lays its major emphasis on the interaction of people-people, mar inside and Read more about Aims and Functions of Educational Administration[…]

Factors Influencing Development

Physical Development: Premature infants are slower to reach the growth spurt characteristic of the early months of life, but by the end of the first year they have almost caught up to the norm for full-term infants. Health: In their first year, premature have more illness, especially respiratory and nasopharyngeal disturbances. As they grow older, Read more about Factors Influencing Development[…]