Theory on Depression

Theory on Depression Depression can occur due to various issues in a clients life, including relationship issues, feeling little self worth due to not being able to find meaning in their life, or losing a loved one just to name a few. According to nursery teacher training courses other causes of depression may be “pessimistic thinking, Read more about Theory on Depression[…]

Role of the Professional School Counsellor

Professional school counsellors are educators with a minimum of a master’s degree in school counselling making them uniquely qualified to address all students’ academic, personal/social and career development needs by designing, implementing, evaluating and enhancing a comprehensive school counselling program that promotes and enhances student success. Professional school counsellors are employed in elementary, middle/junior high Read more about Role of the Professional School Counsellor[…]

Library Reading

Library Reading and Supplementary Reading serve almost similar purpose. They are akin to each other. Library Reading encourages extensive reading. All book-lovers are regular visitors to libraries. Library Reading needs no supervision. It is purely independent reading. It is for the sake of enjoyment. It does enhance knowledge. Library Reading provides a lot of information. Read more about Library Reading[…]

The Scope of Institutional Planning

The Scope of Institutional Planning Early Childhood Education Program has spilt out the scope of institutional planning, as follows: (1) Improving the School Plant (a) Provision of more amenities to pupils—drinking water, sanitary facilities, transport, mid-day meals, uniforms, medical aid, book banks, etc. (b) More and better equipment in the schools-library, reading rooms, laboratory, teaching Read more about The Scope of Institutional Planning[…]

Why Educational Guidance

Why Educational Guidance There was a time when Indian elementary schools, high schools, and colleges assumed that they had fulfilled all of their educational responsibilities when they had provided instruction for students. It was of secondary consideration whether the students premed or could profit from the instruction given. But the modern school closely attends to Read more about Why Educational Guidance[…]

Application of Total Quality Management in Education

School Hostel: Every school does not provide hostel facility to its students. But wherever this facility is available, care should be taken to educate the hostellers to keep their rooms neat and tidy. The hostel warden should be a person of discipline and should pass on this trait to young hostellers. The school authorities should Read more about Application of Total Quality Management in Education[…]

Criteria for Good Learning Experiences

Criteria for Good Learning Experiences Much of the effective learning depends upon careful planning of learning experiences. Planning of learning experiences is related to educational objectives which these experiences aim to achieve. True learning is not merely acquiring certain facts or skills; it is a change in behaviour brought about by training or experience. In Read more about Criteria for Good Learning Experiences[…]

Play-Way Method

Play-Way method is one of the different methods of Teaching. Through this method, teaching is done through Play. By this method, children learn many things easily. There is no definite definition of Play. Generally Play means the playing children. It is not necessary that children should play hockey, football or cricket. By nature children are Read more about Play-Way Method[…]


Narrow meaning of Individual aim: In its narrow sense, individual aim is known as self-expression, all round development of the child and natural development also. It is based on the philosophy of ‘naturalism’ according to which education should develop individuality of a child in accordance with his instincts. It was Rousseau who first of all Read more about INDIVIDUAL AIMS OF EDUCATION[…]

Learning through Play

Play is an integral part of the life of any child. Play is a non-serious and self-contained activity engaged for the sheer satisfaction it brings to children. For an adult, play may be just a time killer or a recreation, to a child play is a serious business. By engaging in this serious business, he Read more about Learning through Play[…]