Creative Imagination

Creative Imagination According to Dreyer, this type of imagination is superior to imitative imagination. This is a type of imagination in which new combination of ideas take place, which is so essential for the progress of human race. According to Early Childhood Education Online creative thinking is the process of recombining facts, ideas and observations in Read more about Creative Imagination[…]


Teleconferencing: It is the modern way of sharing information. The word teleconference – is made of two words — tele and conference. Further conference word is derived by Latin word com+ferr means to bring, to collect. So the word conference referred to meet in order to deliberate together or compare views or to consult. Meaning: Read more about Teleconferencing[…]

Social changes

Social changes are the change in the society. Society is a web of social relationships.  Hence social change is a change in social relationships. According to Montessori Teacher Training “It is the change in these which alone we shall regard as social change.” Social relationships include social processes and social interactions. These includes the mutual Read more about Social changes[…]


The subject of memory has for long occupied place in the field of psychology. Without a mechanism for storing, retaining and later retrieving information, we would forever be beginners; having to relearn almost everything we do each day. Hence knowledge of memory is fundamental to our understanding of behavior and man. Dennis Coon has defined Read more about Memory[…]

Creative Drama for Children

What is Creative Drama? The word ‘Creative’ gives us the clues to the fact that it belongs among the arts which are devoted to the development of the imagination to the opportunity afforded to the participants use their own ideas and ways of thinking. The other term ‘Drama’ means that it has something to do Read more about Creative Drama for Children[…]