ECONOMICAL METHODS OF MEMORIZATION OF REMEMBERING The problem of having economy in memorizing something has persuaded many psychologists to devise various methods of memorization. All these methods aim to point out the way of utilizing the available time in the most advantageous manner. Early Childhood Education Course¬†describes below some of the methods: Recitation method: In Read more about ECONOMICAL METHODS OF MEMORIZATION OF REMEMBERING[…]

Concept of Systems Approach and Educational Management

Concept of Systems Approach (SA) SA enables us to design complex systems by the use of resources in form of men, money, machine and materials so that the total system may be designed, fitted together, checked and operated to achieve the goal in the most efficient way. SA provides a framework for planning, decision-making, controlling Read more about Concept of Systems Approach and Educational Management[…]

Self Material Learning

The self-learning materials are designed based on learning theories, to a large extent on the basis of an eclectic approach combining behaviouristic, cognitive, and constructivist learning theories. Without going into these theories, we list five characteristics of self-learning materials: self-explanatory, self-contained, self-directed, self-motivating, and self-evaluating. Self-Learning Materials by Early Childhood Education Course Self-Explanatory: The self-learning Read more about Self Material Learning[…]

Orientations of Conflicts

Orientations of Conflicts Neglect or Avoid: This is one orientation or approach which means refuse or ignores the conflict. This is the approach which is recommended to be used in a situation in which it is not likely that the conflict can be resolved. Tilts technique is appropriate when the situation and possible outcomes lack Read more about Orientations of Conflicts[…]

Meaning and Nature of Conflicts

Meaning and Nature of Conflicts Conflict has been defined as “divergent and incompatible” views of interacting parties. According to Early Childhood Education Course, “Conflict is the pursuit of in-compatible or at least seemingly incompatible goals, such that gains to one side come out at the expense of the other.” It has been, thus, considered a Read more about Meaning and Nature of Conflicts[…]