Transactional Analysis – Ego States

Transactional Analysis – Ego States Parent Ego State by early childhood courses: This is a set of feelings, thinking and behaviour that we have copied from our parents and significant others. As we grow up we take in ideas, beliefs, feelings and behaviours from our parents and caretakers. If we live in an extended family Read more about Transactional Analysis – Ego States[…]

Directive Approach to Counselling

Directive Approach to Counselling As the name itself this approach envisages a more active role for the counsellor. The counsellor employs varying degrees of direction to help the counselee to reach sound solutions. Also through his specialised knowledge and experience inscientific diagnosis and interpretation of data, counselees are helped to reach earlier solutions for their Read more about Directive Approach to Counselling[…]

Concept of Personality & Self Concept

The modern aim of education is the wholesome, balanced or harmonious development of personality. Thus personality is the apex & curse of psychology & education. AU knowledge of psychology &education is ultimately related to understanding or development of personality. Meaning by Early Childhood Courses– The word “personality” has been derived from the Latin word 15ersonae’ Read more about Concept of Personality & Self Concept[…]


The subject of memory has for long occupied place in the field of psychology. Without a mechanism for storing, retaining and later retrieving information, we would forever be beginners; having to relearn almost everything we do each day. Hence knowledge of memory is fundamental to our understanding of behavior and man. Dennis Coon has defined Read more about Memory[…]