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Basic Skills and Personal Attributes to be Effective Counsellor

(1) Personal Attributes: Ask any counsellor about her choice of career and she will most likely say she wants to help people. Many student counsellors already possess a number of qualities needed to be effective, including a genuine warmth toward others, patience, understanding and tact. The client-therapist relationship is based on trust, so these qualifies Read more about Basic Skills and Personal Attributes to be Effective Counsellor[…]

Counselling Theories

Adlerian Theory: One theory the counsellor plans to use in her practice is Adlerian theory, developed by Alfred Adler. Adler developed the first holistic approach to therapy. “According to Early Childhood Care & Education, when we feel encouraged, we feel capable and appreciated and will generally act in a connected and cooperative way. When we Read more about Counselling Theories[…]

Case-Study helps the Counsellor to assess student

The case study method was originally used in medicine to examine the patient’s previous development his health and physical state from the beginning and many other factors in the past, besides making a case study of the patient’s present condition and symptoms. “Case history includes the past history of an individual as well as his Read more about Case-Study helps the Counsellor to assess student[…]

Time-Table in Single or Double Teacher School

The construction of time-table for a single or double teacher school presents special difficulties. In that case one teacher has to teach two, three or even four classes at the same time-and in the same room. The difficulties increase in proportion to the number of classes a teacher has to engage at a time. But Read more about Time-Table in Single or Double Teacher School[…]

Story-Telling Method

Telling a story, talking, making a speech is all included in story-telling method because in all these voice is used. In lower classes telling story is the best way of teaching. Even Plato has considered this method fruitful and appropriate for small children. Children by nature are story-loving. Their many naturalistic tendencies are developed in Read more about Story-Telling Method[…]

Important Principles of School Management and Administration

Principle of Sharing Responsibilities A democratic manager and administrator acts upon the principle of sharing responsibilities. He does not himself usurp all powers but shares, control and responsibilities not only with his colleagues but also with the students. He does not make the mistake of thinking that he is born to rule. He delegates some Read more about Important Principles of School Management and Administration[…]

Forms of Punishment

Punishment is an animal tendency. It has no connection with human values. Children are very tender by nature. They become timid from the fear of punishment. The children become stubborn through punishment. Sometimes from fear of punishment students leave educational institutions. According to Early Childhood Care Education, punishment cannot inculcate love for discipline. It should Read more about Forms of Punishment[…]

Dimensions of National Integration

National Integration and emotional integration are synonymous. Emotional integration is an essential component of National Integration Cultural Integration- It means to have qualities of tolerance and co-operation, accommodativeness unselfishness, social sensitivity and responsiveness Economic Integration- It lays stress on general improvement in the standard of living of the people. Linguistic Integration- It implies living together Read more about Dimensions of National Integration[…]

Democratic School Management and Administration

The following ladder explains how our way of life, objectives of education, contents and educational-management and supervision derive their strength from our Constitution which serves as beacon light in our endeavours: Our constitution way of life Objectives of education Contents of education Objectives of educational management and administration Objectives of school management Objectives of Educational Read more about Democratic School Management and Administration[…]

Cognitive Perspectives of Learning

  a) Thinking: Concept & Types (Convergent-Divergent Critical Reflective) Thinking, reasoning and problem solving are cognitive activities that distinguish human beings from other species. Rene Descartes said “I think therefore I am”. No task can be achieved without thinking. Lack of adequate thinking affects success of a task. It could be concrete or abstract in Read more about Cognitive Perspectives of Learning[…]