Kinds of Thinking

Thinking may be of many kinds, such as, reveries, controlled association, reasoning, conceptual thinking, imagination, day-dreams, night-dreams, creative thought and so on. These various kinds of thinking are not separate and distinct but grade into one another. The material made use of in all types of thinking is of the same kind and hence, it Read more about Kinds of Thinking[…]


According to Montessori Training, the feelings of the children are taken into consideration in organising work, study groups and play groups among the children of the class. One simple sociometric method of estimating the child’s likes and dislikes and feelings about his classmates is illustrated here. Let us take a hypothetical cause of a class Read more about A SOCIOGRAM[…]

Interface between Individual and Group Counselling

Early Childhood Care and Education has given below several advantages of Group counselling : (a) It is economical in many ways. In group counselling a large number of individuals are helped at the same time by a counsellor. This saves money and time. (b) It helps individuals to socialise their attitudes, habits and judgements. (c) Read more about Interface between Individual and Group Counselling[…]

School Guidance and Counselling

The guidance and counselling of student integral component of the educational mission of the school. Guidance and counselling services and programs promote the personal/social, educational, and career development of all students. Information for Schools, Students and Families: In the school setting, school counsellors, like all school stag have a set his responsibilities that define their Read more about School Guidance and Counselling[…]

Different Kinds of Interview

An interview is a conversation with a purpose. There are different kinds of interviews. Interview situation should offer a good listening by one who has greater experiences and training. According to Early Childhood Care and Education the counsellor should feel the need of interview and counselling’s. They are as follows: An Employment Interview: Its purpose Read more about Different Kinds of Interview[…]

Teaching of English Grammar

English grammar as it came down to us was mostly based on Latin, Greek and Sanskrit; all these classical languages were studied and analysed in great detail by scholars. English Grammar consisted of elaborate rules, definitions and exceptions about the structure of the language. It dealt mainly with the physical form of words, word endings, Read more about Teaching of English Grammar[…]

Steps for Checking the Growing Indiscipline among the Students

Measures for Restoring Lost Leadership of Teachers The salaries of the teachers must be raised to ameliorate their economic lot. High salaries are bound to attract right type of persons to the teaching profession. The social status of the teachers should be raised. Refresher courses and seminars should be organised to enable them to know Read more about Steps for Checking the Growing Indiscipline among the Students[…]

Role of a Teacher in Developing Convergent and Divergent Thinking

Thinking is an important part of teaching learning. The child’s ability to solve problems depends on his thinking. According to Teacher Training Institute the educational implications of the thinking process are: Adequacy of experience and knowledge: Convergent Thinking cannot occur in vacuum. It needs knowledge and experiences. Concepts play a major role in thinking. Care Read more about Role of a Teacher in Developing Convergent and Divergent Thinking[…]

Programme to improve Teachers Mental Health

Mental Health – One of the most important aims of education is to help the individuals in making adjustment with the changing. It is mental hygiene which helps in having integrated & balanced personality & hence assists the individual in making adjustment. Mental Hygiene is a science which deals with the process of attaining mental Read more about Programme to improve Teachers Mental Health[…]

Principles and Maxims of Language Learning

The maxims of Method: The first word in the maxims of method is proceed; for example, proceed from Particular to General. It means that the teacher should not allow the child to remain concerned with one thing that occurs first in the maxim. He should lead or guide him to go on to the second Read more about Principles and Maxims of Language Learning[…]