Role of State Education Departments in Institutional Planning

The State Education Departments should encourage initiative, creativity, freedom and experimentation on the part of institutions and teachers. It should be their responsibility to identify good schools and to give them greater support and large freedom to enable them to become better, while at  same time, providing the necessary guidance and direction to the weaker Read more about Role of State Education Departments in Institutional Planning[…]

Concept of Administration, management and governance

Concept of Administration According to the American school of thought — Administration is broader than Management. Administration is policy making, thinking and top level activity, while Management is at the implementing level-executive, acting and a lower level function. According to the British school of thought it is the reverse. According to Ducker-not to divorce planning Read more about Concept of Administration, management and governance[…]

The Process of Counselling

The process of counselling requires harmonious relationshipbetween the client and the counsellor. The client counsellor relationship requires the development of rapport between the counsellor and the counselee. According to Arbuckle, “Rapport might be described as the ideal relationship that is developed between the client and the counsellor, a relationship that is easy and comfortable and Read more about The Process of Counselling[…]