Teaching of English Grammar

English grammar as it came down to us was mostly based on Latin, Greek and Sanskrit; all these classical languages were studied and analysed in great detail by scholars. English Grammar consisted of elaborate rules, definitions and exceptions about the structure of the language. It dealt mainly with the physical form of words, word endings, Read more about Teaching of English Grammar[…]


Meaning: The school discipline should be positive and constructive rather than negative and restrictive. The Old Conception of Discipline by Distance Learning Teacher Training The old conception of discipline was concerned with maintaining perfect order of military type. It consisted of oppression and repression all around in everything a pupil did. There was a rigid Read more about Discipline[…]

Society and Education

  Society has got its own place as an agency of education. Broadly speaking, family should be regarded as a unit of society. But separate mention has been made of family as it has got great educational importance. Regarding the educational spheres of family and society, the following quotation by distance learning teacher training is Read more about Society and Education[…]


CHARACTERISTICS OF SCHOOL MANAGEMENT Educational Management, then, is the executive function that concerns itself with the carrying out of the administrative policy laid down by educational administrators. Following are its characteristics: Educational assessment:   It is a systematic assessment of future conditions by inferences from known facts today. We should collect all sorts of information Read more about CHARACTERISTICS OF SCHOOL MANAGEMENT[…]

Muscular Development

There are many significant changes in muscular development during the pre-school period. Muscle fibres are present in the child’s body even before birth. During infancy, the muscles are relatively undeveloped, which accounts for the baby’s lack of strength and absence of body control. During pre-school period, the growth of muscle tissue is nearly proportional to Read more about Muscular Development[…]