Meanings and Levels of E-learning

Electronic Learning popularly known as e-learning is an umbrella term that describes learning done at a computer usually connected to a net work, giving the learners an opportunity to learn almost anytime and anywhere. It can include text, video, audio, animation and virtual environments. It is widely accepted that e-learning can be as rich and Read more about Meanings and Levels of E-learning[…]

Heredity or Biological Factors

  Heredity provides an individual with a fund of potentialities and certain organismic condition that determine, to a large extent, the type of his personality. Biological influence on personality relates to secretion from endocrine glands, physique and neural constitution. Heredity factors may be summed up as constitutional i.e. physique, and chemical/glandular/genetic factors. The essence of Read more about Heredity or Biological Factors[…]

Social changes

Social changes are the change in the society. Society is a web of social relationships.  Hence social change is a change in social relationships. According to Montessori Teacher Training “It is the change in these which alone we shall regard as social change.” Social relationships include social processes and social interactions. These includes the mutual Read more about Social changes[…]


SCHOOL WORKSHOP Maintenance of the school workshop must be carried out methodically and intelligently as a continued activity. However, efficient and up to date a piece of machinery or equipment may be or however well organized a particular process, optimum output cannot be secured unless proper working conditions are maintained and service activities are properly Read more about SCHOOL WORKSHOP[…]

Growth and Development

Growth and Development Changes During Growth and Development        The human being is never static. From the moment he is conceived to the time of death, he undergoes, constant changes. At every stage of development, some changes just begin, others at their peaks and some are in the process of decline. Different types of changes Read more about Growth and Development[…]