The person who is not able to adjust with the situation, and if he is not able to handle his negative feeling like anxiety, depression, stress, tension then the those person can come close to the stage of maladjustment.

1) Introvert child: The child being extremely introvert not mixing with his classmates or nor having any close friends with whom he can share his emotions therefore he don’t tell anyone about his problem stress.

2) Regression: Regression means going to backward stage. If the individual showing regression for example — crying, showing temper tantrums etc. it is sign of Maladjustment.

Causes of Maladjustment by Diploma in Teacher Training

1) Physical causes:This includes physical disability, weakness, handicappers; defects in some organs make the person in stressful situation.

2) Environmental factors: The unhealthy, unhappy, unwilling situations, toss of parents, divorce parents’ etc. family problems as broken homes may resulted in feeling on insecurity among the children which may further resulted in maladjustment.

3) Mental: if the person having mental disability, stress, emotional problems it may be resulted in maladjustment.

Maladjustment in school children Causes:-

Maladjusted teachers: Children imitate many traits & characteristics of the teachers unconsciously in a mysterious manner. Emotionally unstable teacher. Produce emotionally unstable students. According to Montessori Courses “An autocratic teachers made children so behave in the same manner where as lenient teachers made his pupils dull. If the teachers are not mentally balanced he will unable to inculcated good human values among the students.

  • Behaviour of teachers: If always negative remarks, harsh taunts, scolding, showing teachers can create tension, stress & frustrate on among the students. Tension, stress & frustration among the students.
  • Harsh punishments: Beating, Physical punishment over strict, unsympathetic teachers disturbs the climate of classrooms & students can’t behave normally in such situation. As they are small children they are unable to express their feelings in a proper way. This situation may lead to problematic behaviour of student.
  • Unsuitable course: Many times optional subjects, or any academic course is selected without botheration &consideration of students likes – dislikes & interests. Many times teachers & parents discuss & decide it without taking opinion of the child. Many times parents pressurize students to choose any particular subject. If student dislike the subject or have not developed interest in that particular subject, he may get frustrated.
  • Lack of recreational facilities: Recreation is the ‘must thing, it re-energise the person & had its specific role in the development of personality. If children are not allowed to play, to read books, enjoy in their own way for some time this may manifest into maladjustment.
  • Examination phobia: Unfortunately in today world of severe competitions parent expect cent per cent from their children then they try to compose the marks of their child with other superior children without considering that each children different capacity, IQ, intelligence. If parents are giving over burden to the children, comparing with their siblings or other children naturally such children possibly show maladjustment in their behaviours.