Creative Drama for Children

What is Creative Drama?

The word ‘Creative’ gives us the clues to the fact that it belongs among the arts which are devoted to the development of the imagination to the opportunity afforded to the participants use their own ideas and ways of thinking. The other term ‘Drama’ means that it has something to do with the use of creative imagination in the specific forms. It is something that involves speech movement of the body and music may involve other arts or t develops. Creativity, action and interpretation are part of drama at the preschool level.

According to the Montessori training distance learning the origin of creative drama which some call child drama is natural play which children indulge in.  It is in the child’s activity which begins very early, first of all with the body-in-moving, kicking, moving his arms, rolling back and forth, crawling and walking and very soon it involves the use of sound-the making of the sounds with the exercise of vocal cords which is naturally a prelude to language, speech and communication. But at the same time these purely physical activities often become included with something of imagination and the child imagines himself not to be just a child, but to be various kinds of things he will pretend to be mechanical things like automobiles, airplanes, engines, trains and of course, in these modern days, rockets and the noises of these things will becomes a part of his play.

Differences between Formal Drama and Creative Drama       

Creative drama is very different from the kind of formal drama which we see in the theatre.  When the child plays, he does not think of an audience and becomes engrossed in what he is doing. He is quite often completely unaware of other people around him either playing by himself or a group of children playing by themselves, becomes very intent on what they are doing and they have no awareness that perhaps someone is watching. So there is no audience, no stage and there is free all round movement in whatever space in available.

There is no director for the creative drama. The teacher or leader, guides, to channel it in two directions which are important, valuable and useful, provide motivation and be alert for opportunities which Creative drama may be useful. It is not just wasted time or an aimless activity. It is hard work for the teacher. The drama should be based on enjoyment both for the participant and the audience. It is designed to get one out of oneself for the moment.

Usefulness of Creative Drama by Early Childhood Education Online

  1. Children learn to try to adjust themselves to their environment (through sense-touching, seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting).
  2. Helps to develop a kind of thinking or a kind of awareness which is the basis of all aesthetic appreciation.
  3. Promotes aesthetic appreciation.
  4. Promotes muscular co-ordination
  5. Helps the individual to develop himself and to adjust himself to the group, social adjustment.
  6. Helps him to learn to how to behave in a group.
  7. Develops creative imagination.
  8. Promotes language, self –expression-learning to talk and express through language and physical movement.
  9. Helps to co-operate in a group and working together for a common purpose.
  10. Develop all round expressiveness to make them more interesting and entertaining.