Causes of Indiscipline

Causes of Indiscipline

The Loss of Leadership by Teachers

The teachers are unable to provide effective leadership to the students and in the absence of such leadership the problem of indiscipline is bound to crop up. Failure on the part of teachers to take active part in the struggle for freedom, sweeping criticism of the present system of education and of teachers; their inadequate salaries and the frustration caused by it; entry of unqualified persons in the teaching profession; control of politicians over educational institutions and the acceptance of tuitions on an almost commercial scale by the teachers are considered to be some of the major factors which have led to their loss of leadership an going the student community. Strained personal relations between the staff and the head have also an adverse effect on the minds of the students. Shortcomings in the instructional work of the teachers may also create disciplinary problem.

Growth of Economic Difficulties by Early Childhood Education Courses

The general economic distress has been on the increase and it is not surprising that the students should also suffer. In many cases, pupils have to support themselves, partially or wholly throughout their school and college days. When such students compare their own conditions with those of a few well-to-do, they become rebels against the existing social order.

Defects in the Existing System of Education

The present system of education is indifferent to the development of character and sense of moral values among pupils. It would not be unfair to say that it creates only clerks. Pupils are judged by the final examination results. During the major part of the year, their energies are not properly harnessed and they seek outlets in various kinds of activities which are anti-social. Co-curricular activities hardly exist to canalise the energies of the youth. Frances. W. Parker writes. The fundamental reasons why children do not act is because they do not have, the conditions for right action” Maulana Azad has Also stressed this point when he remarks, “I am convinced that if the young, art at times restless and turbulent, it is not due to any intrinsic defect in them. Their restlessness is largely due to the fact that they do not have enough channels for the expression of their youthful urges”. Absence of personal contact is often over-crowded and there is no personal contact between the teachers and the taught. The individual needs of the students remain unattended to.

General Loss of Idealism by Teacher Training Mumbai

There is a general fall of morality in the different walks of life. It should always be remembered that the discipline in the school is greatly affected by the tone of discipline of the society as a whole. It will not be wrong to say, that the society is undermined by indiscipline and the young are also affected by it. In the family, parents do not devote sufficient attention to their young boys and girls with the result that the students are not able to get the best of culture and discipline of the olden days.