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According to Montessori Training, the feelings of the children are taken into consideration in organising work, study groups and play groups among the children of the class. One simple sociometric method of estimating the child’s likes and dislikes and feelings about his classmates is illustrated here. Let us take a hypothetical cause of a class Read more about A SOCIOGRAM[…]

Disability Community of Crisis Intervention

Violence may be defined differently for many people with disabilities. An example given by Teacher Training Distance Learning, the withholding of a wheelchair, thus forcing a person to slide along the floor, might be considered an act of violence. Hi that regard, it is important to note that many acts of criminal violence committed against Read more about Disability Community of Crisis Intervention[…]

Crime Victims with Disabilities

Most issues that confront crime victims with disabilities are issues that affect all crime victims. They include underreporting of crimes; a lack of responsiveness from law or prosecutors based on a perceived lack of credibility on the part of the victim; repeated victimization; lack of effective, appropriate services, physical or social isolation of the victim; Read more about Crime Victims with Disabilities[…]

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Basic Skills and Personal Attributes to be Effective Counsellor

(1) Personal Attributes: Ask any counsellor about her choice of career and she will most likely say she wants to help people. Many student counsellors already possess a number of qualities needed to be effective, including a genuine warmth toward others, patience, understanding and tact. The client-therapist relationship is based on trust, so these qualifies Read more about Basic Skills and Personal Attributes to be Effective Counsellor[…]

How is Self-Confidence Initially Developed

Many factors affect the development of self-confidence. Parents’ attitudes are crucial to children’s feelings about themselves, particularly in children’s early years. When parents provide acceptance, children receive a solid foundation for good feelings about themselves, if one or both parents are excessively critical or demanding, or if they are overprotective and discourage moves toward independence, Read more about How is Self-Confidence Initially Developed[…]

Transactional Analysis – Ego States

Parent Ego State by early childhood courses: This is a set of feelings, thinking and behaviour that we have copied from our parents and significant others. As we grow up we take in ideas, beliefs, feelings and behaviours from our parents and caretakers. If we live in an extended family then there are more people Read more about Transactional Analysis – Ego States[…]

Transactional Analysis

Transactional analysis refers to a method of analysing and understanding interpersonal behaviour. When people interact, there is social transaction in which one person responds to another. The study of these transactions between people is called Transactional Analysis. Structure of personality given by Montessori Course Online: (a) Depending on the understanding of the ego states individuals Read more about Transactional Analysis[…]

Benefits and Uses of Transactional Analysis

Developing Positive Thinking: Transactional analysis is applied to bring positive actions from people because transactional analysis brings positive approach towards life and hence positive actions. According to online nursery teacher training transactional analysis brings a clear change from negative feelings— confusion, defeat, fear, frustration, loneliness; pessimism, and suppression to positive feelings — clear thinking, victory, Read more about Benefits and Uses of Transactional Analysis[…]

Objective of Transactional Analysis

Ego states: According to online training courses, people interact with each other from one of the three psychological positions, or behavioural patterns, known as ego states. Thus ego states are a person’s way of thinking, feeling, and behaving at any time. The ego states are: Parent Ego: The parent ego state incorporates the attitudes and Read more about Objective of Transactional Analysis[…]

Role of the Professional Counsellor in School Education

(1) Foundation: Professional school counselling theory and research/evidence-base Philosophy for all students to benefit from the school counselling program. Professional school counsellors act on these philosophies to guide the development, implementation and evaluation of a culturally relevant and comprehensive school counsellors create a mission statement support selling programs Professional school other individuals and or supporting Read more about Role of the Professional Counsellor in School Education[…]