Types of Guidance

Every individual has to face different types of problems in his life and each type of problem requires particular types of guidance.

Therefore, efforts have been made to determine the types of guidance needed. Here, Teacher Training Institute is giving a brief account of various type of guidance;

  1. Psychological guidance: It is also called Child guidance and Clinical guidance. It is given to children with specific adjustment problems.
  2. Social guidance:it is provided to an individual for helping him to make adjustment with the society.
  3. Educational guidance:It is that type of guidance which is given to the pupils for selecting the right courses of study, it consonance with their active ability, interest, aptitude and personality.
  4. Vocational guidance: this type of guidance is provided for the educated pupils to choose the right type of vocation according to their capacity, interest, aptitude, ability and need.

Other types: Besides the above mentioned types, the other types of guidance are Health guidance, Recreational guidance, Community service guidance, civic guidance, moral guidance, religious guidance, Hygienic guidance, Physical guidance, Sex guidance, Leisure guidance, Marital guidance, Leadership guidance and School guidance.

In the educational field, we are particularly concerned with the psychological Educational and Vocational guidance are inter related. Often educational guidance is influenced by vocational guidance but there is a difference between the two. Educational guidance effects the educational situation of the individual, while the vocational guidance is only for selecting a particular type of profession. No doubt, educational guidance is a process which aids in the complex process of vocational guidance, but vocational guidance cannot be called the educational guidance. Educational guidance is for selecting the right course to study, while the vocational guidance is provided to help an individual to choose the right type of vocation. However, these two are so inter-linked that we cannot craw a line between the two. In the present set-up of society every individual wants educational guidance which may ultimately help bum in earning bread and butter. Now-a-days, the ultimate, aim of education has become to earn money and so the educational guidance and vocational & dance have come nearer to each other and that is why be of them are studied together.

Importance of educational and vocational guidance

Educational guidance helps a student to select the proper subjects according to his taste and understanding. It also helps the student to know about the purposes of joining a particular type of school. It also enables him to know about the requirements for joining a particular school, college or profession. it also helps a student to know about the curriculum of school. It is an agency which helps him to find a right base of school course for the “proper adjustment in the social structure. Educational guidance also helps to know about the functioning of various schools. The authorities of the schools are able to solve many problems of indiscipline with the help of guidance. The guidance also helps in introducing objective tests for the knowledge of intelligence achievements and abilities of the students. It also avoids the misfits of the society. The guidance, especially the vocational guidance, is helpful from the health point of view.