According to ECCE, in school the teacher should keep the following factors vividly in mind if he is to preserve mental health, prevent mental disturbance and promote mental health, among his students.

  • Discipline:

Discipline in the school has the important influence upon the mental health of students. But this discipline should never be very hard since such conditions will lead to mental ill-health. Thus discipline should exercise not through creating a fear of punishment but through arousing feeling of responsibility and the desire to be law abiding among the students. True discipline is the self-discipline. Discipline in collage should be maintained by selecting its guardians from among the students themselves. It develops feeling of responsibility among the students.

  • Affectionate Behaviour:

It is only too evident that affectionate behaviour towards students on the part of the teacher, respect him and to do nothing that incur his displeasure. A teacher should maintain the same loving attitude towards all his students. Any discrimination in this treatment injures the feeling of students.

  • Play and recreation:

Mental disturbance and imbalance is created by the repressed motives surging in a student’s brain. They can be given opportunities for healthy expression through games. And other forms of recreation.

  • Sex education:

In adolescence the morals of young boys and girls shows alarming tendencies to proceed to degradation because of sexual instinct or alternatively its recreation leads to much mental distress. Teacher should make the use of psychological weapons to remove any sexual deviations that may be embedded in the minds of students. And for this the best way to provide young boys and girls with the necessary elementary sex education. This will help them on the one hand, to develop a healthy attitude towards sex and prevent them from forming harmful complexes, as well as assist in their physical, mental and emotional development on the other. They can then later on become well developed and integrated individuals.

  • Educational Guidance:

According to Online Teacher Training in order to maintain the state of mental health, it is essential that they be given subjects that conform to their requirements and abilities and their educational problems solved. Taking personal advice of psychologist in this connection is called educational guidance. 

  • Personal Guidance:

Many of the problems that arise before the students are such that they cannot be solved by the students himself; he needs the personal guidance of the psychologists to solve them.

  • Vocational Guidance:

Every individual is compelled to adopt some one or the other profession once his education is complete, and he beings to worry about it even while he is still engaged in his academic pursuit. The knowledgeable teacher can help his students in their choice of a suitable career.

  • Formation of Good Habits:

Mental Health depends upon good habits. Hence, it is desirable for the teacher to help students in the formation of good habits regarding a regular life, balanced diet and exercised, good behaviour and high thinking etc.

  • Balanced Curriculum:

The curriculum in school should be such as to develop all aspects of the student’s personality to increase his fund of necessary knowledge, and to avoid all unnecessary strain on the mind.