Depression and Suicide

Depression and Suicide

Depression is a mood disorder that causes a child or teen to feel sad or irritable for long period of time. A young person who is depressed way may not enjoy school, play or friends & may have low energy & (other symptoms.) As with an adultthe symptoms of depression range from mild to severe vary from person to person. The symptoms large from boredom to stomach pain, mood swing & other emotional problems by depression may be overlooked as unimportant or as a normal part of growing up.

Children & teens with depression frequently have other conditions such as anxiety disorders, behaviour disorders like eating disorders, learning disorders or serious behavior problems. These conditions may occur before a child is diagnosed with depression. Depression is an illness that requires treatment not a character flow or weakness.

Causes of Depression

The causes of Depression according to Montessori Teacher Training are as follows:

  1. I) Depression can be triggered by stressful life events such as a loss or a move.

2) Can be caused by creation drugs or Medications.

3) It may be genetic also

4) It is linked to, an imbalance of the brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. This chemical imbalance can cause by medications Illnesses or stress.

Symptoms:The symptoms & may change as depression gets worse. The first signs of depression are irritability, sanders or boredom. Children or teens with depression may have behavioral problem or problems in school. Some symptoms are changes in appetite, problems with sleeping, feeling hopeless, worthless or guilty, difficulty concentrating, thinking or making decisions. Rearing thoughts of death, or suicide, tack of energy, tiredness, guilty & complain of pain such as headaches & stomach pain, lose of interest in friends & activities. They may hallucinate or have delusions symptoms of Depression are different than a temporary response to a loss, disappointment or tragic event.

Treatment suggested by Early Childhood Education Educators:

1) Treatment for childhood & teen depression includes professional counseling, medications & family education.

2) A person with moderate depression can be treated by family health professional a therapist or Psychologist.

3) A Psychiatrist may be helpful for treatment of severe depression or other mental health problems that occur with Depression.

4) Sometimes a stay in a hospital may be needed if the teen has suicidal thoughts & it is likely to act on them.

Problem linked to Depression

It includes the following:-

A lifetime chance of getting depression again & an increased chance of having severe depression as an adult.Anxiety disorders like separation anxiety or Social anxiety disorders. Because of anxiety disorder problems linked to depression has intense fears or worries that interfere with normal life. Disruptive behavior disorders such ADHD or conduct disorder. Conduct disorder is a long term disorder during childhood or adolescence that involves defiant behavior such as breaking social rules or hurting other people. Substance abuse, a pattern of alcohol or drug abuse is also obs8ryed.

Thus depression is a very serious illness & can result in attempts to take their own life i.e. committing suicide, alcohol drug abuse, lack of anger management, withdrawal behavior from friends & family, Running away from home, frequent crying, feeling dizziness etc can among the adolescents. Hence it is important to be vigilant & that it is better to be safe than sorry.