Various measures which can be taken in schools for the proper of children

Various measures which can be taken in schools for the proper of children

1) School environment: Ravindranath had stated that school should be like home. School environment plays an important role in the development of the positive environment. The school environment should be free from caste, creed or religious feeling. It should provide feelings of security to each & every student irrespective of their religion or socio-economic conditions. It should provide conducive environment for learning free from fear, tension & frustration.

2) Democratic environment: According to Preschool Teacher Training, school as an institution should function on democratic lines. Student’s representation should be made on various committees so those students identify themselves with the institution. School problems should be discussed with teachers & students & decision should be taken by taking student into confidence. Students should be fearless to express his ideas, emotions, thoughts, complaints to develop skills with the teachers & educational authorities.

Freedom of expression: Children should be provided an opportunity in the class to express his ideas freely. Some teachers feel it otherwise when students put their view or dare to take part in questioning or discussion. Good to promote this tendency while poor teacher make it a point of their prestige or insult. But ultimately freedom of expression is must in the classroom.

Variety of interests: Teachers should try to develop a variety of interest in his students such as games reading & hobbies of different types. Teachers should appreciate & encourage the activities of the students.

Knowledge of mental health: Teachers should select the appropriate book to specified age levels & students are advised to read those books. He should make all his efforts to maintain good mental health of his students. His aim should be to free his students from stress & frustration.

Carrying in human relations: The school should organize classes in human relations. Daily life problems should be discussed. The importance of “how to live” should be emphasised.

Provision for sex & health education & moral education: Most of the problems of adolescents are concerned with sex & moral conflicts which cause mental disturbance. It will be of great use if sex and moral education are made an integral part of regular curriculum. As many children are Confuse or having some doubts regarding the changes in body. The proper heath education should be given by teachers to all students.

Art & Craft: sketch work for understanding human nature & release of tension can be used in mental hygiene programme. Arts & crafts are such subjects that help a lot in expressing one’s internal conflicts.

Guidance: According to Montessori Course, school should organize guidance service for the benefits of students. Though guidance is important from students point of view at each & every stage, its significance prove to be more for such students who are dull, maladjusted, conflict ridden. Such students need to be guided very carefully.

Schools role: Councillor should be appointed in school & regular observation of the child must be if problematic behaviour found – without fail must be given guidance to child & to the parents of the child for how to tackle the situation.