Self Concept

Self Concept

The individual’s perception or view of himself is known as his self-concept. The part of the environment in which he is involved in known as his phenomena environment or perceived environment. The self-concept is what the individual think of as his actual self. The phenomenal or perceived self includes the self concept those aspects of the environment that an individual identifies with himself-like, ‘my family’, ‘my school’, ‘my home’, etc both the self-concept at-the perceived or phenomenal self are included within the phenomenal of perceived environment. This is also referred to by combs & snygy as personal field. Other psychologist refers to it as the individual personal field, his ‘behavioural field’, his ‘psychological field’ or his ‘life space’.

“Self concept as a highly differentiate perceptions, beliefs, feeling, attitudesand values which the individual holds about himself.”

Early Childhood Care and Education defines the self or self concept. is “the organized consistent conceptual gestalt composed of perceptions of the characteristic of like I or me & the relationship of like ‘I’ or `me’ and the relationship of like T or ‘me’ to others and to various aspects of life together with the values attached to these perception.


Meaning: Self concept is the image people have about themselves. They are composites of the beliefs they have about themselves, their physical social and emotional characteristics, their aspirations and achievements.

The child comes to define himself in terms of a set of dimensions such as size, action, relationship, gender, caste, age, colour, specific skills in knowledge possession to personal characteristic. The specific set of dimensions value a child applies to himself is his self concept.

A small kid of 3-4 years clearly stated that he is boy, his/has elder sister, he likes apples & he don’t want to eat grapes at all.

According to Teacher Training Courses , while in childhood stage – Child get more clear idea about his own self identity he can say that he like maths subject but feels Geography boating. Girls may say that she likes to wear pink colour dress and dislikes brown colours. At this stage child get cleared idea about himself & he bean to freely express those ideas as his opinion. At the Adolescent age the self concept becomes more concrete the teenager child known majority of the things about him.

The way one perceives the world differs or is conditioned by his psychological needs. It is because of this reason a child does not want to leave his mother even when he is promised good living by another women. His need is that if love which he perceives in his mother. The perception of oneself changes with maturity. The behaviour of child is determined by their perception of themselves & the world around them. As the perception changes their behaviour changes accordingly.

Scholars believed that in the Maslow’s Pyramid of hierarchy of the needs. The needs for self-esteem, self-actualization & the Meta needs are directly related with self concept or these needs some way influence on the self concept of the person.