Practical Suggestions for assigning Home Task

Practical Suggestions for assigning Home Task

According to Online Teacher Training the framing of the time-table is perhaps the most difficult and vexed job of school administration because it depends upon a number of factors, conditions or principles. We have to keep in mind the type of the school, the aims and objectives of the school, the nature of various activities to achieve these objectives.

Be graded: Home work should be graded according to individual’s interests, needs and abilities of the pupils end not according to the whims of the teacher

Be an integral part of school work: Home work should form an integral part of the course of study which is being followed at school.

Prepare time-table in advance: Homework time-table should be prepared in advance. Due share should be given to all the subjects. Copies of the class and homework time-tables should be sent to the parents to seek their co-operations, which is very important. Their opinion regarding suitability and the quality of homework should also be occasionally invited.

Secure co-operation of other teachers: There must be co-operation between different subject teachers who assign homework. The head of the institution should see that the teachers plan the homework co-operatively.

Secure co-operation of parents: Parents should be consulted from time to time about homework. They should be requested to inform the school without fail if the amount of time spent on homework generally exceeds or remain less.

Homework is not necessarily of academic value: Homework should not be necessarily of academic value. It may have practical value. It may consist of hobbies connected with different subjects, making albums, preparing charts or models, accomplishing projects, sharing social life of the community, planning out some play, memorising material in respect of debates and declamations and doing various other cultural activities.

Well planned: Home-work should be well thought out and well planned before it actually given. It should not be hastily assigned at the end of a lesson. It should naturally emerge out of class-work done or related to it. It is a careless and bad way of assigning home-work when the teacher says. “Write whatever you have learnt today.” “Read the next proposition”; “Do the next five questions.”

Thoroughly checked: Home work should be thoroughly checked and corrected. As a rule, never assign anything that is not going to be checked. If the home work remains unchecked then the students may not complete the home task or they may develop the bad habits of copying it from others.

Not tool to punishment: Home-work should not be used as tool for punishment otherwise the child develops hatred for it. While setting home-work the teacher should take into consideration the home conditions of the child, such as working conditions in the home, domestic employment, presence of sick member in the family.

Conclusion: If home-work is not properly assigned, there is the risk of home work becoming oppressive and causing physical strain, mental tension, and bad habits like telling lies, copying, playing truancy, and distaste for school work. So home work should be psychologically planned, selectively assigned and thoroughly checked. It should be useful, attractive and interesting.