Mathematics Correlation with Other Subjects

  • Mathematics and English: According to Montessori Training One of the platitudes of educational theory is that “Every teacher is a teacher of English”; but the emotive and appreciative aspects of English are sometimes overlooked by the teacher of Mathematics who assumes that he is assisting the whole duty of the teacher of English by demanding precision and exactness of speech and writing on all occasions. Here again we can only advice some discussion between specialist teachers who might find, as a result of their discussions, other means of correlating their subjects – as for instance in illustrating the contention that Mathematics is a language of a special kind.
  • Mathematics and Chemistry: In Chemistry we deal with chemical combinations which are also governed by certain Mathematical laws. We deal with chemical compounds which constitute a definite preparation of numerical knowledge to draw and to calculate a definite result. Equations of chemical combinations have to be balanced like the equations of algebra.
  • Mathematics and Physics:The educated classes have a vague idea that modern civilization is the result of the progress of Science. By the term “Science”, they simply means Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy etc, on the basis they make appeal for scientific education. All laws of Physics are clothed in Mathematical language and require mathematical calculations. For instance Mathematical calculations are essential for steam energy. In fact there is no law which is not governed by Mathematics. Only Mathematics can help us for a better learning of Physics. Solving of numerical problems is as important in Physics as it in Mathematics.
  • Mathematics and Biology:Bio-Mathematics is another science which has been developed recently. It is an illustration of the application of Mathematics. There are two direct aspects of it – the process of Bio-Physics and that of Bio-Chemistry. These two sciences have become independent. Therefore it is necessary for the biologist to study Mathematics which has already been shown to be so important for the study of Physics and Chemistry. Secondly, the biologist makes observations and classifies that date to generalize a law. Here Mathematics helps him to make accurate and exact calculations.
  • Mathematics and Fine Arts: Whatever else “Culture” might mean, appreciation of beauty, wherever and whatever form it may be found; is the mark of a cultured man. The Greeks, the greatest Geometers of the age were also the most successful in art – especially sculpture. They knew how to weave their knowledge of geometrical proportion and symmetry into their great works of Art. There is also the Mathematics of Music. Nursery teacher training feels that Mathematics has made remarkable contribution to the analysis of musical structure. We can also know mathematically when Music is pleasurable and when it is becomes painful.
  • Mathematics and Economics: In social sciences also Mathematical procedures and language are frequently used in imparting and generalizing certain observations and making discoveries. Statistics is that branch of Mathematics which presents the application of Mathematics in Economics. Direct application of Mathematical reasoning to the discovery of economic truths has recently rendered great services. For example, the demand for an article certainly depends upon the price of the article. It may also depend on other things.