Nursery Teachers Training

Nursery Teachers Training

Nursery Teachers Training has categorized duties and also function of teacher. They are as follows:

  • Planning: 

    Before proceeding with actual teaching work and class management, a teacher should plan thoroughly the following items:

(i) He should plan the curriculum as a whole, the syllabus in the subjects, he teaches, divides the syllabus into monthly and also weekly units or yearly plan.

(ii) He should plan the use of audio-visual and also other teaching aids, and obtain those in advance.

(iii) He should plan the time-table, the actual class-work in accordance with the time-schedule.

(iv) He should plan all the co-curricular activities, to be organized during the session.

  •  Educating:

    Teaching is his first and also foremost duty. It is his duty to have a thorough knowledge of subject. Teacher teaches, studies and practices the latest techniques of teaching. He selects the learning materials, manages the daily routines and procedures of teaching, and motivate the students to learn. He should give sufficient and adequate home -task and also make regular correction written work. She has to direct co-curricular activities and also look to the all-round development of pupils. Functions of a Teacher in School Life in Pre school is important for each of the child.

  • Organizing as per Nursery Teachers Training:  

    advises teachers to organize the following items:

(i) He has to organize various curricular and also curricular activities.

(ii) He has to organize school plant look’ to decoration and also up-keep of the school campus. Make seating arrangements, maintain the equipment, distribute the furniture and also pay attention to the sanitation, the surroundings.

(iii) He has to organize library work of the pupils.

(iv) Organization of the instructional work is most important duty of the teacher. This includes organization of syllabus classification of construction of time-table to the all-round development of students.

  • Supervision:

    A teacher has to supervise work of the pupils. Faulty members  leisure regular attendance and regular work. Detect irregularities has to check the practical work, the written work and supervised study by the pupils. Teacher maintains discipline and order in the school. He supervises games,and other activities of the pupils. He may have to supervise the work of the pupils in the hostel.

  • Guidance or Functions of a Teacher by Nursery Teachers Training:

    The teacher has to guide the students in a number of matters. Faculty has to guide them in the proper selection of subjects, leading to whole some vocations. Teachers guide them in their studies. He shall have to recognize the personality, strengths and also weaknesses of his pupils. adjust his own attitude. Behaviour that he is able to motivate the students to work. Facilitator  to give guidance to the backward, and also the slow-learner.  Guide has to adopt remedial measures for the negligent, abnormal and wrongly adjusted children.


  • Recording: 

    He has to keep record the work of the pupils and of their day-to-day participation in activities. He has to record their admission attendance, realization of fee and other matters.  Fees realized admission and also withdrawals, cumulative records etc.